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Alert the media! Troy Davis must not be executed!
http://www.amnestyusa.org/ lte/troy.php?ICID=T1006A01 &z=D-76359 https://freep age.twoday.net/search?q=Tr oy+Davis http://freepage.t woday.net/topics/Death+Pen alty+-+Todesstrafe/ http:/ /sharenews.twoday.net/sear ch?q=Amnesty+International ...
rudkla - 26. Aug, 06:14

Expanding the "War on Terror" in Yemen
Michael Horton, Truthout: "In an August 14 article entitled, 'Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents,' The New York Times reported on how the US is expanding its counterterrorism role in... ...
rudkla - 27. Aug, 10:58

Gitmo Trial Puts White House In Tight Spot
By Michael Isikoff National investigative correspondent Top U.N. official calls defendant a 'child soldier,' says proceedings violate international legal norms. http://www.informa tionclearinghouse.info/art icle26124.htm... ...
rudkla - 14. Aug, 10:06

Release Mohammed al-Odaini, held without charge at Guantanamo since 2002
http://www.kintera.org/TR. asp?a=edJFKPNpEbKPK3L&s=dw IXIeMTIfLVLiP0KsH&m=ajIPI9 MOLlK2IkK Release Saeed Hatim from Guantánamo http://www.kint era.org/TR.asp?a=feKOJXNzH hLOI6I&s=5eJHKQNnE7IFKUNuH kG&m=dmKXKgNYJqK3IoL ---- ---- U.S.... ...
rudkla - 21. Jul, 23:10

ICC Adds Aggression to List of Crimes Despite US Opposition
By Jenna Greene Members of the International Criminal Court agreed to add aggression to the court's short list of prosecutable crimes. The United States opposed the resolution, but as a non-member of... ...
rudkla - 18. Jun, 06:22

How All of Us Pay for the Derivatives Market
Zach Carter, AlterNet: "Derivatives are a hotbed of abuses and bailouts. So why are taxpayers footing the bill? For the Wall Street reform package currently making its way through Congress to work, it... ...
rudkla - 21. Jul, 06:00

Amnesty International: Millions Suffer in 'Human Rights Free Zone' in Northwest Pakistan
http://www.commondreams.or g/newswire/2010/06/10-2 - ------- Officials: US missile kills two in Pakistan Chicago Sun-Times A suspected American missile strike killed two people Thursday in a militant-controlled... ...
rudkla - 15. Jun, 06:05

Does Obama Really Know or Care About Who Is at Guantanamo?
Andy Worthington, Truthout: "The recently released Final Report of President Obama's Guantanamo Review Task Force was supposed to provide a cogent and definitive analysis of the status of the remaining... ...
rudkla - 11. Aug, 05:52

Stop Tuesday's scheduled execution of David Powell
http://www.kintera.org/TR. asp?a=kkLXIcPPIcJNJfL&s=4d JFINMjG6IDKRMqEjH&m=clLSLc NUKeKQKjI https://freepa ge.twoday.net/topics/Death +Penalty+-+Todesstrafe/ ht tp://freepage.twoday.net/s earch?q=Amnesty+Internatio nal ...
rudkla - 10. Jun, 06:08

New Report Reveals How Bush Torture Program Involved Human Experimentation
In a 27-page report, "Experiments in Torture: Human Subject Research and Evidence of Experimentation in the 'Enhanced' Interrogation Program" (available here), the organization Physicians for Human Rights... ...
rudkla - 22. Jun, 09:28

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