Tuesday, 21. September 2010

The surge in defense spending

Independent Institute
by Winslow T. Wheeler


According to the analysis of the Project on Defense Alternatives, between 1998 and 2010 Congress appropriated to the Pentagon $2.144 Trillion (with a ‘T’) more than was anticipated by the 1999 ‘baseline.’ Of that amount, $1.113 Trillion was spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $1.031 Trillion was added to ‘base’ (non-war) Pentagon spending. … What did you get for that extra $1 Trillion? Basically, you got a smaller Navy and Air Force and a tiny increase in the size of the Army. As an extra bonus, the hardware those forces use are now older than they were in the Clinton administration in 1998...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Did Tony Blair Endorse Preventive War on Iran?

By Stephen M. Walt

Blair's tacit support for military force in this case is without foundation.

Obama claims military action is an option

U.S. President claims military action is an option but army commanders warn of region destabilization.



Did U.S. Soldiers Create Afghan Killing Club?

Video Report

U.S. soldiers charged with targeting Afghan civilians; Army ignored pleas by soldier's father.


Members of Stryker Combat Brigade in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport

The U.S. soldiers hatched a plan as simple as it was savage: to randomly target and kill an Afghan civilian, and to get away with it.


From Information Clearing House


CNN Censored Footage of Iraq 'War Crime'

By Daniel Tencer

A former CNN Iraq correspondent suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder says his employers wouldn't run footage he filmed of what he describes as a war crime by US troops.



Die Unglücks-Quelle im Golf von Mexiko ist geschlossen, jetzt kommt das lange Nachspiel



Für die Isaf-Staaten wird es immer schwieriger, ihren baldigen Abzug als Erfolg verkaufen zu können, was für die USA auch im Irak der Fall ist



War Is Murder


The New Soviet Union Is America

The Politics of Resentment

Is the US Stimulating Nuclear War?

Support Your Local Army of Occupation


Imperialism and Imperial Barbarism

By James Petras

The overall picture is grim for the future of militarist imperialism. In Latin America, Africa and especially Asia, China has displaced the US as the principal trading partner in Brazil, South Africa and Southeast Asia. In contrast the US wallows in unwinable ideological wars in marginal countries like Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan.



“War is hell”

The Libertarian Enterprise
by AX Perez


Originally said by William T. Sherman, it echoes Robert E. Lee’s ‘It is good that war is so terrible lest we grow too fond of it.’ Both men made it clear war is terrible and something to be avoided, a point too many political leaders and persons seeking office seem to miss...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Petraeus Bait And Switch Maneuver

Gareth Porter, Truthout: "In interviews in recent weeks, General David Petraeus has been taking a line on what will happen in mid-2011 that challenges President Barack Obama's intention to begin a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan by that date. This new Petraeus line is the culmination of a brazen bait-and-switch maneuver on the war by the most powerful military commander in modern US history. It represents a new stage in the process by which Petraeus, abetted by his allies in the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, has appropriated much of the power over decisions on war policy that rightly belongs to the commander-in-chief."



Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Maya Schenwar, Truthout: "Almost nine years into the longest war in US history, at a time when the US spends more on its military budget than the rest of the world combined and endless war seems a frighteningly realistic possibility, I spoke with Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), a long-time advocate for peace. Kucinich reminds us that there is another way: that through unity, persistence and a deeply necessary change in mindset, we can move toward a world in which mutual respect and global connections shape foreign policy, and the self-fulfilling prophecy of war loses its tragic momentum. He challenges us to imagine a world in which 'peace is inevitable.'"



ACLU in Court in Challenge to Secrecy Provisions of Contractor Fraud Law



Halt Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon

Food & Water Watch: National Consumer Organization: Halt Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon Until FDA Conducts Tests on Long-Term Health Effects of Consuming Genetically Engineered (GE) Meat.



Bradley Manning: An American Hero



Monday, 20. September 2010

We Can't Afford This Government


Fractional Reserve Banking

They're Bleeding Us Dry

The Establishment Is Now Concerned About the Deficit

Private Investment and Government Power in the Present Crisis

The $6 Trillion 401K Grab


Der unterhaltsame Krieg

Rekruten bleiben aus und der Rückhalt in der Bevölkerung schwindet. Die Bundeswehr versucht, mit Film- und Fernseh-Produktionen gegenzusteuern: "Militainment made in Germany".



Hypo Real Estate Manager sollen 2009 Boni von mehr als einer Million kassieren

In der verstaatlichen, angeblichen systemischen Pleitebank dürften Vorstände eigentlich höchstens eine halbe Million verdienen.


Warum sind die Managergehälter in den letzten Jahrzehnten so in die Höhe geschossen?

US-Soziologen glauben, dafür einen wichtigen Grund gefunden zu haben, der wenig mit Leistung und freiem Arbeitsmarkt zu tun hat.



The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis

4 More banks close as U.S. bank failures reaches 124 this year

Three bank failures in Georgia and one in Ohio has brought 2010's tally to 124, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Friday...


Americans' Net Worth Falls Along With Stocks

U.S. households saw their wealth decline in the second quarter despite their efforts to save more money, underscoring the economy's struggle to recover from the recession.


Record number of US homes seized by banks

More US homes were repossessed by banks in August-more than 95,000-than in any other month in history, according to realtytrac.com, a real estate marketplace. The company expects 1.2 million bank repossessions this year, a level 12 times higher than in 2005, when there were only 100,000.


Wall Street Banks Committing Widespread Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

A Florida state-court judge, in a rare ruling, said a major national bank perpetrated a "fraud" in a foreclosure lawsuit, raising questions about how banks are attempting to claim homes from borrowers in default.


The housing recession isn't over

The spate of foreclosures is particularly problematic since it continues to add to the housing glut. And until the number of homes on the market comes down, it's tough to imagine how sales and prices will improve all that dramatically.


From Information Clearing House


The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis

Dean Baker, Truthout: "The basic story of the foreclosure crisis is that banks made trillions of dollars of bad mortgage loans that were used to buy or refinance houses at bubble-inflated prices. With the collapse of the housing bubble, more than a fifth of all mortgages are underwater. As a result, many homeowners are struggling to pay mortgages on houses in which they have no equity and have no real prospect of ever getting equity. This is where the two competing views of government come in. If the market is allowed to run its course, millions of homeowners will default on mortgages, leaving banks and investors with large losses."



It's time to talk honestly about collapse

"In the Face of This Truth"

It's time to talk honestly about collapse-no matter how others may respond. We live in the midst of multiple crises­-economic and political, cultural and ecological-posing a significant threat to human existence at the level we have become accustomed to.


From Information Clearing House


Farmers' apocalypse: the globalisation of food supply

Last week the US-based Monsanto secured a 20 per cent minority interest in Western Australia's InterGrain and launched an advocacy and "education" campaign to promote the benefits of genetic modification to consumers.


From Information Clearing House


US-led strike kills 70 in Afghanistan

A US airstrike has reportedly left 70 people dead in southeastern Afghanistan as the war-ravaged country votes to elect a new parliament.


From Information Clearing House


Los Angeles spent $70 million in stimulus funds to create 8 jobs

By John Cook

A new piece of evidence has emerged in the debate over the effectiveness of President Obama's 2009 stimulus package, and it's not good for Democrats.



Old theory of Keynesian stimulus comes up against hard new facts

Cato Institute
by Alan Reynolds


The Republican alternative to more fiscal stimulus says [Dana] Milbank, is for government to ‘do nothing, and let the human misery continue.’ Any doubts about the efficacy of fiscal stimulus, he argues, were discredited by the remarkable discovery that recessions still happen: ‘Economists offering alternatives to Keynes devised mathematical models showing how markets would behave efficiently. But those ideas collapsed along with everything else in 2008.’ This is ignorant nonsense. Efficiency never meant markets can’t be surprised and crash. Besides, academic criticism of fiscal stimulus is mainly based on fact, not theory...



Meet the new Sarah Palin



Tea With Frankenstein

By David Michael Green

Just when you thought you'd reached the ground floor in the well of American self-destruction, you find out once again that that pit is absolutely bottomless.


Palin Opens Up About Possible 2012 Run, Says She's Willing to 'Give It a Shot'

Sarah Palin may be edging closer to a 2012 presidential run, telling Fox News "I would give it a shot" if the American people think she's "the one."


From Information Clearing House


Suffocating the Poor: A Modern Parable

By Johann Hari

I want to tell you the story of how our governments have been torturing and tormenting an island in the Caribbean - but it is a much bigger story than that. It's a parable explaining one of the main reasons how and why, across the world, the poor are kept poor, so the rich can be kept rich.


20 Signs That The Economic Collapse Has Already Begun

For One Out Of Every Seven Americans

By Economic Collapse Blog

For most Americans, the economic collapse is something that is happening to someone else. Most of us have become so isolated from each other and so self-involved that unless something is directly affecting us or a close family member than we really don't feel it.



Reality Check: Iran is Not a Nuclear Threat

By Scott Horton

Forget the neoconservative hype. The facts show Iran is not and has not been a nuclear threat to either the United States or Israel.



Sunday, 19. September 2010

US Army Colonel Says Bradley Manning Telling The Afghan War



US Contractor Accused of Fraud Still Winning Big Afghan Projects

Marisa Taylor and Warren P. Strobel, McClatchy Newspapers: "On July 31, 2006, an employee of the Louis Berger Group, a contractor handling some of the most important US rebuilding projects in Afghanistan, handed federal investigators explosive evidence that the company was intentionally and systematically overbilling American taxpayers. Neither the whistleblower's computer disk full of incriminating documents nor a trail of allegations of waste, fraud and shoddy construction, however, prevented Louis Berger from continuing to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts."



Billionen-Dollar-Loch in den US-Rentenkassen

Laut einer Studie fehlen den Amerikaner 6,6 Billionen Dollar für die Altersversorgung, verantwortlich sind Verluste am Aktien- und Immobilienmarkt.


Mit 100 Liter Algensprit quer durch die USA

Modifizierter Toyota Prius tourt von Küste zu Küste.

Merkel macht Stuttgart 21 zur Chefsache - Nächster Fehler nach Atomdeal

BUND: „Die Baukosten schießen in die Höhe, die Bauplanung ist unterirdisch und die Bundeskanzlerin nimmt die Stimme des Volkes nicht wahr...



Mappus sagt S-21-Gegnern Kampf an - Der Streit in Stuttgart wird immer politischer – Polizei räumt Zeltstadt im Schlosspark

"Die Wut wächst. Die Polizei hat mit mehreren Hundertschaften im Stuttgarter Schlosspark eine Zeltstadt von Stuttgart-21-Gegnern geräumt. Demonstranten hatten dort nach der Großdemo vom Samstag rund 200 Zelte im Schlosspark aufgebaut...“ Artikel von Barbara Martin im Neues Deutschland vom 20.09.2010 //www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/179955.mappus-sagt-s-21-gegnern-kampf-an.html

Oben bleiben. Weiter gehen – Ein Text für die Bewegung gegen Stuttgart 21

„Jeder vernünftige Mensch ist gegen Stuttgart 21. Doch nicht jedes Argument gegen S21 ist vernünftig. Es ist z.B. vernünftig zu sagen, das Geld solle besser für dringende soziale Bedürfnisse ausgegeben werden. Falsch ist es jedoch, S21 „volkswirtschaftlichen Irrsinn“ zu nennen (so z.B. U. Maurer von der Linkspartei). Denn dieses - zweifelsohne irrsinnige - Projekt macht wirtschaftlich durchaus Sinn...Warum ein paar Spinner an den Schalthebeln der Macht nicht das eigentliche Problem sind, das Konzept "K21" keine wirkliche Alternative ist, Wachstum nicht zwangsläufig für alle Zeiten nach Wahn, sondern auch einmal nach Lust am Leben klingen könnte, es überlegenswert wäre, auch gegen die Rente mit 67 zu demonstrieren und was das alles miteinander zu tun hat...“ Ein Beitrag auf der Seite von Emanzipation und Frieden - Antikapitalismus 2.0 vom September 2010 (pdf) //www.emanzipationundfrieden.de/100916EuFFlyerObenbleiben.Weitergehen.pdf

Grußwort Frank Bsirskes an die Volksversammlung gegen Stuttgart 21

„Der Vorsitzende der Vereinten Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (ver.di), Frank Bsirske, hat den Gegnern des Bahnhofsprojekts "Stuttgart 21" zu ihrem heutigen Protest ein Grußwort übermittelt. Auf ihrer 'Volksversammlung' mit dem Motto: "Jetzts reicht´s - Endspurt gegen Stuttgart 21" im Schlosspark von Stuttgart haben 50.000 Menschen den sofortigen Baustopp gefordert. Das Grußwort im Wortlaut: "Liebe Gegnerinnen und Gegner von 'Stuttgart 21', mit großer Sympathie verfolge ich Euren Widerstand gegen das milliardenverschlingende Projekt 'Stuttgart 21'. Hier werden die Euros nur so rausgeworfen, für einen Bahnhofsumbau, dessen Nutzen mehr als zweifelhaft ist – Milliarden, die an anderer Stelle zur Verbesserung der Verkehrsinfrastruktur dringend benötigt und sinnvoll eingesetzt werden könnten, jetzt aber an ein abwegiges Projekt gebunden sind. Die Regierungsparteien versuchen, stur an 'Stuttgart 21' festzuhalten. Sie fürchten sich vor einem Erfolg des Bürgerprotestes. Ihr gebt darauf mit Eurem kreativen, unbeugsamen und sehr ansteckenden Widerstand die richtige Antwort – und zugleich ein Vorbild bürgerschaftlichen Engagements. Ich wünsche Euch viel Erfolg. Oben bleiben!" Das Grußwort bei ver.di vom 18.09.2010 //www.verdi.de/nachrichten/newsArchive?channel=nachrichten&id=grusswort-bsirske-an-volksversammlung-gg-s-21

Aus: LabourNet, 20. September 2010


Stuttgart 21 das umstrittene Milliarden-Bahnprojekt


Walöl als Treibstoff für Walfangschiffe: Island provoziert EU

Zum Ende der Walfang-Saison im Nordatlantik enthüllt die internationale Wal- und Delfinschutzorganisation WDCS ein widersprüchliches Bild.



Doch kein Bohrstopp in der Tiefsee?

Deutschland setzt sich - entgegen der öffentlichen Aussage von Umweltminister Röttgen - doch nicht für einen Stopp neuer Tiefsee-Ölbohrungen ein.



Kampf gegen Klimawandel und globale Armut kann nur zusammen gewonnen werden

MISEREOR und die Münchener Rück Stiftung haben heute gemeinsam mit dem Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK) und dem Institut für Gesellschaftspolitik an der Hochschule für Philosophie München (IGP) den Report „Global aber Gerecht – Klimawandel bekämpfen, Entwicklung ermöglichen“ in Berlin der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Das Bündnis aus Kirche, Wissenschaft und Finanzwelt fordert in seinem Report eindringlich dazu auf, Klima- und Entwicklungspolitik kohärent miteinander zu verbinden. Konkrete Schritte dafür haben Klimawissenschaftler, Ökonomen, Ethiker und Entwicklungsexperten in einem dreijährigen Projekt gemeinsam erarbeitet.


Menschenrechte und Klimaschutz

Im Zusammenhang mit der desaströsen deutschen Klimaschutzpolitik - Verlängerung der Atomlaufzeiten, Planung neuer Kohlekraftwerke, radikale Kürzung der Solarstromvergütung, Angriff auf den Vorrang für Strom aus Erneuerbaren Energien, Finanzierung verbesserter Sicherheitseinrichtungen für kerntechnische Anlagen mit Mitteln, die für die Erneuerbaren Energien vorgesehen waren - wächst bundesweit die Empörung und das Entsetzen darüber, dass in der deutschen Gesetzgebung die betriebswirtschaftlichen Interessen von vier großen Stromkonzernen über den Klimaschutz gestellt werden. Rechtsgutachten im Auftrag des SFV - von Wolf von Fabeck


"Steuer gegen Armut"

Statt Sparhaushalt: Finanztransaktionssteuer für Entwicklung, Klima und Soziales.



Wenn die Erde unbewohnbar wie der Mond wird

Längst diskutieren Politik und Kunst über die Frage, ob und wie sich die Menschen dem Klimawandel anpassen können.



Atomwirtschaft betrügt schamlos Verbraucher

Laufzeitverlängerung mit geringen Sicherheitsauflagen hätte kaum Einfluss auf Strompreise, der Steuerbürger zahlt für Atomrisiken und Endlagersanierung. Atomkraftwerke sind mit nur 2,5 Milliarden Euro eklatant unterversichert. Von Astrid Schneider


CDAK: Gorleben als Mogelpackung und Endlager inakzeptabel

Sämtliche bisher verfolgte Endlagerkonzepte gescheitert. //sonnenseite.kjm4.de/ref.php?id=d8741689831ms225

Super-GAU in AKW durch tragbare Waffensysteme möglich

Greenpeace stellt Studie zu Terrorgefahr durch panzerbrechende Waffen vor.


Greenpeace: Sicherheit kennt keine Kompromisse

Bundesregierung will Alt-Reaktoren nicht gegen Flugzeugabstürze nachrüsten lassen.


Bund übernimmt auch noch die ganzen Kosten für die Asse

Die Bundesregierung hat, zusätzlich zur beschlossenen Laufzeitverlängerung, bekanntgegeben, dass jetzt auch noch die Kosten für die Sanierung des maroden Atommülllagers Asse.


"Hier verkauft eine Regierung das Volk"

Frithjof Finkbeiner zur Laufzeitverlängerung live bei quer - Video.

Anti-Atom-Protest in Berlin übertrifft Erwartungen

100.000 Menschen umzingeln das Regierungsviertel und fordern "Atomkraft: Schluss jetzt!"


Saarländische Dächer könnten Atomkraftwerk ersetzen

Eine Studie in den 13 Kommunen des Landkreises Saarlouis hat das brachliegende Solar-Potenzial im Saarland hervorgehoben.



Saturday, 18. September 2010

Classified: Perverting Democracy by Preventing Disclosure

Lt. Col. Barry Wingard, Truthout: "I have discovered as legal counsel to Guantanamo Bay detainee Fayiz al-Kandari, the government seems dedicated to preventing information from coming to light and minimizing the significance of any information that does manage to escape. The government is, in effect, taking a black marker to everything it believes could be viewed in a negative light and declaring it 'classified' in the name of 'security.'"



Poverty and Economic Crisis

Home Prices Drop in 36 States

8 Million Foreclosure-Bound Homes to Hit the Market; Prices to Stagnate for a Decade.


US homes lost to foreclosure up 25 pct on year

Lenders took back more homes in August than in any month since the start of the U.S. mortgage crisis.


Home foreclosures up 37% in New York

Home foreclosure filings in New York rose nearly 37 percent in August compared to the month before, a much sharper increase than the rate for the United States, according to a new report.


Bailed-Out Banks Finance Predatory Payday Lenders

American taxpayers bailed out the big banks. Now many of those banks are returning the favor by extending credit to payday lenders who sucker consumers into a spiraling debt trap.


From Information Clearing House


Poverty and Economic Crisis

Rick Wolff, Truthout: "The costs of capitalism and its recurrent crises can be tallied in multiple ways. Frequently used measures include the effects of unemployment, home foreclosures, cuts in wages and job benefits, insecurity of jobs and reductions in the services provided by governments at the federal, state and local levels. The costs tallied for the current crisis - now completing its third awful year - are so huge, diverse and lasting that no final or complete count will ever be possible. There are yet other ways of seeing and measuring the costs of capitalism. One measure less frequently used concerns poverty: the consequences of consigning people to live on incomes below whatever amount the government uses to define poverty. Another less frequently used measure is the number of people without health insurance."



300 Economists Warn Obama: Grave Danger Ahead

By Bryce Covert

This is not the time for balancing the budget and slashing the deficit, it is "the time for bold initiatives to rebuild America and to generate jobs and growth."


Americans No Longer Invest In Their Future

By Mike Thurau, Columnist

Why is a baby born in Puerto Rico more likely to survive into adulthood? Why does 10 percent of the population control nearly 80 percent of the wealth while 3.5 million people are homeless every year? Or, why are students in former Soviet prison states like the Czech Republic and Latvia consistently scoring better on achievement tests than American public schools despite the billions of dollars we invest in education?


Tent City: The Face Of Poverty In US

By RT Video Report

The poor return to the forest and build tent cities.


US Adds 3.8 Million More to Ranks of the Poor as Poverty Rate Jumps

Ron Scherer, Christian Science Monitor: "The deepest recession in modern times has sharply increased the ranks of the poor during the past year, with 1 in 7 people in America officially counted as living in poverty."



Concealing The Risk of An All Out Nuclear War

By Michel Chossudovsky

We have reached a turning point in our history. The US and its allies are preparing to launch a nuclear war with devastating consequences.



Die Realität von Hartz IV

Es ist nicht mehr zu fassen was in diesem Land abgeht und man kann diese ewigen Hetzparolen gegen Hartz-IV-Empfänger nicht mehr ertragen. Man kann es nicht mehr ertragen wie Menschen systematisch vernichtet werden. Hier wird mit Hartz-IV-Empfängern, Menschen die leider keine Lobby haben, ein elendes und entwürdigendes Machtspiel gespielt. Menschen werden ihrer Existenz und ihrer Menschenwürde schlichtweg beraubt. Lesen Sie weiter:



Hartz IV: Mieter werden aus Kreuzberg verdrängt

In Berlin-Kreuzberg werden die Mieten immer höher. Nun müssen Hartz IV Bezieher aus dem Gebäudekomplex in der Fanny-Hensel-Siedlung ausziehen. Auch Proteste brachten kein Einlenken seitens der Vermieter. Der Deutsche Mieterverband kritisert die extremen Mieterhöhungen. Damit wird die Wohnungssuche für Hartz IV Betroffene zum "Spießrutenlauf". Weiter lesen:


Neue Fälle von Mietbetrug in Hamburg: Hartz IV Bezieher leben in Kellerwohnungen zu teuren Mieten

Hamburg. Der bereits unter Betrugsverdacht stehende Vermieter Thorsten Kuhlmann soll Kellerräume in Hamburg illegal Hartz-IV-Bezieher vermietet haben. Die Wohnungen die von der Hamburger Arge bezahlt werden, hatten entweder keine Fenster oder Gitter. Ein Sprecher des Bezirks, Lars Schmidt, sagte, diese Kellerräume dürften nicht bewohnt werden. Dennoch zahlte die örtliche Arge die Miete. Die Obdachlosenzeitung "Hinz & Kunzt" hatte den Skandal aufgedeckt, der mittlerweile auch vom Bezirk bestätigt wird. Den ganzen Artikel lesen:



Die Hartz IV Tricks der Bundesarbeitsministerin

Das Bundesarbeitsministerium ist dazu aufgefordert bis Ende des Jahres eine neue Berechnungsgrundlage für einen Hartz IV Regelsatz zu schaffen. Die Arbeitsministerin Ursula von der Leyen verwendet dabei einige Tricks, um den Regelsatz nicht ansteigen zu lassen. Lesen Sie den ganzen Artikel:


Erwerbslosengruppen planen eine bundesweite Demonstration für höhere Hartz IV Regelleistungen

Oldenburg. Im Herbst wird über das zukünftige Einkommen von Millionen von Beschäftigten, Rentnern und Hartz IV Beziehern entschieden: Werden die Sozialleistungen massiv gekürzt und die Reichen geschont? Wie hoch soll Hartz IV zukünftig sein? Wird Armut trotz Arbeit weiter zunehmen? Erwerbslosengruppen und Gewerkschaften planen aus diesem Grund zum 10. Oktober 2010 eine bundesweite Demonstration für höhere Hartz IV Regelleistungen. Das Motto der Demo lautet: "Krach schlagen statt Kohldampf schieben! Mindestens 80 Euro mehr für Lebensmittel sofort!" Weiter lesen:



Neue Regelleistungen werden im Dezember beschlossen

Nach aktuellen Verlautbarungen sollen die neuen Regelleistungen, die Bundesregierung möchte sie ja nun in „Basisgeld“ umtaufen im Mitte Dezember per Bundesratsentscheidung beschlossen werden (so z.B. dem NDR zu entnehmen) //www.ndr.de/regional/niedersachsen/kinderarmut141.html

Fragen und Antworten: Bildungspaket und Neubemessung der Basisleistungen im Sozialgesetzbuch II

Info-Seite bei BMAS //www.bmas.de/portal/47410/fragen__und__antworten__bildungspaket__1.html

Kürzen, ohne dass es jemand merkt. Die Einsparungen sind unauffällig, betreffen nur Minderheiten oder werden dubios gerechtfertigt. Ein Aufschrei bleibt so aus

„Die öffentliche Empörung über das aktuelle Haushaltspaket hält sich in Grenzen. Denn die Sparmethoden funktionieren eher unauffällig. Eine "leise" Methode besteht etwa darin, Kürzungen erst in Zukunft spürbar werden zu lassen, wobei die Beträge pro Person auch eher gering sind. So will die Regierung im nächsten Jahr den Batzen von 1,8 Milliarden Euro sparen, indem für Empfänger von Arbeitslosengeld II künftig kein Rentenversicherungsbeitrag mehr eingezahlt wird. Pro Jahr des Hartz-IV-Bezugs mache das eine Minderung des monatlichen Rentenanspruchs um nur 2 Euro aus, heißt es im Haushaltsbegleitgesetz. Das klingt nach wenig. Aber wer viele Jahre gearbeitet hat und dann mit 55 Jahren keinen Job mehr findet und Hartz IV beziehen muss, kann auf diese Weise am Ende in der Grundsicherung im Alter landen, früher Sozialhilfe genannt…“ Kommentar von Barbara Dribbusch in der taz vom 16.09.2010 //www.taz.de/1/archiv/digitaz/artikel/?ressort=sw&dig=2010%2F09%2F16%2Fa0120&cHash=bc767d1214

Was sind schon 2 Euro?

„Die Bundesarbeitsministerin verteidigt die Einschnitte beim Sozialetat. Die Begründung hinsichtlich des Wegfalles der Rentenbeiträge für ALG II-Empfänger ist interessant..“ Kommentar von Twister (Bettina Winsemann) in telepolis vom 16.09.2010 //www.heise.de/tp/blogs/5/148385

Was uns entgeht

Transparentes (unsichtbares) Basisgeld – so sollte eine neue Rubrik im LabourNet heissen, doch die Presse meldet: „Hartz IV: Keine Umbenennung“ (so z.B. die Süddeutsche am 17.9.2010 //www.sueddeutsche.de/wirtschaft/hartz-iv-umbenennung-schlappe-fuer-merkels-duz-freundin-1.1001114

Damit entgeht uns allerdings auch folgender Kommentar der Titanic-Redaktion vom 15.09.2010: Basis protestiert „Arbeitsministerin von der Leyen will das schlechte Image von "Hartz IV" durch eine Umbenennung aufpolieren: Das staatliche Almosen soll demnächst "Basisgeld" heißen. Entschiedenen Protest gegen dieses Vorhaben legte heute der ehemalige VW-Vorstand Peter Basis ein: "Wie oft soll ich denn noch meinen Namen wechseln, bis ich in Frieden sterben kann?" klagte der 69jährige vor Pressevertretern in Saarbrücken.“ //www.titanic-magazin.de/newsticker.html

Mehr als 100 Fälle von Mietbetrug mit Hartz-IV-Beziehern

„In Hamburg häufen sich die Fälle von Mietbetrug, bei denen heruntergekommene Wohnungen oder sogar Keller- und Lagerräume, die nicht zum Bewohnen zugelassen sind, an Hartz-IV-Empfänger vermietet werden. Die Räume werden oft von ehemals Obdachlosen oder Drogenabhängigen bewohnt, die sich selbst nicht bei den Behörden melden. Die Mieten werden aber vom Hartz-IV-Träger team.arbeit-hamburg und damit mit Steuergeld bezahlt. Von mehr als 100 Fällen solcher betrügerischen Vermietungen spricht team.arbeit…“ Artikel in Die Welt online vom 08.09.10 //www.welt.de/die-welt/regionales/hamburg/article9471734/Mehr-als-100-Faelle-von-Mietbetrug-mit-Hartz-IV-Beziehern.html

Wir erinnern in diesem Zusammenhang an einen älteren, aber aktuellen Beitrag – exklusiv im LabourNet Germany:

Wenn Kappung der Mietkosten bei Hartz IV – dann zu Lasten der Vermieter !

Ein nicht unernster Hinweis auf Art. 14 Abs. 2 GG von Lutz Eisel, Rechtsanwalt, Bochum, vom 15.4.2006 //www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/realpolitik/hilfe/wohn_eisel.html

Götz Werners ‚bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen‘ gegen Armut und Arbeitslosigkeit: Sorgen um den rechten Geist des Kapitalismus

Artikel in GegenStandpunkt 3-10 //www.gegenstandpunkt.com/gs/10/3/gs20103c01h1.html

Aus dem Text: „…Der Großdrogist versteht sich eben nicht nur im Geschäftsleben auf Sonderangebote. Und wie das bei Sonderangeboten so ist, erweist sich auch seine Weltverbesserung als Muster ohne Wert. Ein Zufall ist das nicht. Wo noch so gut gemeinte ‚Träume‘ von einer anderen und besseren Welt ‚realistisch‘ in die bestehende hineingeträumt werden, kommt weder ein besserer Kapitalismus noch etwas vernünftigeres anderes heraus, sondern ein Haufen heilloser Unsinn: Das Geld verrichtet in Werners ‚Realträumen‘ ohne Wert seine Dienste. Der Privateigentümer nutzt sein Eigentum nicht privat. Von den Profiten der Unternehmer profitiert die Kundschaft, weshalb Moral das Interesse als Stachel der Produktion ersetzen muss. Beim Lohnarbeiter ersetzt Sinn Teile des Lohns, weshalb auch er jede Menge Ethik & Gemeinsinn braucht, um tätig zu werden. Die Klassen existieren mitsamt ihren gegensätzlichen Interessen in Sachen Lohn und Leistung weiter, sind sich jedoch in solidarischer Arbeitsteilung freundschaftlich verbunden. Und die Marktwirtschaft folgt nicht den Konkurrenzgesetzen des Marktes, sondern den Werten der Brüderlichkeit. Nichts passt zusammen. Alles ist Quatsch.“

Nichtstun macht nur dann Spaß, wenn man eigentlich viel zu tun hätte

Diskussionsbeitrag des LabourNet-Lesers Martin Brucks (pdf) //www.labournet.de/diskussion/arbeit/existenz/hartzen_ist_kaese.pdf

3. Internationale Woche des Grundeinkommens

20.9. bis 26.9.2010 findet zum dritten Mal die Aktionswoche zum bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen statt. Mit zahlreichen Aktionen in ganz Deutschland, in Österreich und in weiteren Ländern wird das Thema des bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens in die Öffentlichkeit getragen. Siehe dazu:

Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen – Teilhabe für alle!

Aufruf zur 3. Internationalen Woche des Grundeinkommens auf der Startseite der Aktionspage //www.woche-des-grundeinkommens.eu/

Die Aktions- bzw. Veranstaltungstermine zur Woche des Grundeinkommens //www.woche-des-grundeinkommens.eu/category/veranstaltungen/

Internationale Informationen und Termine auf der Website der Basic Income Initiative für Europa //www.basicincomeinitiative.eu/

Aus: LabourNet, 20. September 2010


FDP Generalsekretär Christian Lindner will das Arbeitslosengeld I für Ältere Arbeitslose kürzen

Ältere Erwerbslose ab 50 sollen nach dem Willen des FDP-Generalsekretärs Christian Lindner schneller in den Hartz IV Bezug rutschen. Die im Sparpaket verankerten Sozialkürzungen reichen der FDP anscheinend nicht aus. Lesen Sie weiter:



18. September 2010

Mövenpick-Partei will Armut im Land vergrößern

Zum Vorschlag von FDP-Generalsekretär Lindner, die Bezugsdauer des Arbeitslosengeldes für ältere Arbeitslose zu halbieren, erklärt die Vorsitzende der Partei DIE LINKE, Gesine Lötzsch:

Der Generalsekretär der Mövenpickpartei (FDP) hat jeglichen Sinn für Realitäten verloren. Er sollte am oberen Ende der Einkommensskala über Einsparungen nachdenken. Mein Vorschlag lautet, hohe Einkommen, Millionäre und Spekulationsgewinne gerechter zu besteuern. Statt über Hinzuverdienstmöglichkeiten bei Hartz-IV-Beziehenden nachzudenken, sollte die FDP endlich dem gesetzlichen Mindestlohn zustimmen. Satt Armut in Deutschland zu vergrößern, müssen Privilegien der Superreichen abgeschafft werden.



Wer soll eigentlich den ganzen Strom verbrauchen?


Wer soll eigentlich den ganzen Strom verbrauchen, wenn neue Kohlekraftwerke, Windräder und Solaranlagen gebaut werden und dann noch die AKWs länger laufen?



Der ehemalige Militärarzt Reinhard Erös kritisiert den Nato-Einsatz

Taliban gleichen "einfachen Knechte in den bayerischen Bergdörfern vor hundert Jahren"

Der ehemalige Militärarzt Reinhard Erös kritisiert den Nato-Einsatz und baut lieber Mädchenschulen in Afghanistan.


Meinungsfreiheit in Afghanistan

Die Soldaten der Isaf-Truppen sichern auch den islamischen Staat, in dem Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit religiös definiert sind.



Digging Deeper into Wikileaks Afghan Files



The Food Crisis is Not About a Shortage of Food



America's Decoupling from Reality


Poverty Rises as Wall Street Billionaires Whine

Suffocating the Poor: A Modern Parable


How the markets really work


U.S. Money for Prisons, Not for Social Services



Rockefeller Republicans



Middle Class Continues To Be Slowly Wiped Out



Household Net Worth Plunges By Most Since Q4 2008



Japan Intervenes to Bail Out America.com



Greenspan's Dark Cloud



Friday, 17. September 2010

Energiekonzept der Bundesregierung: „Bioenergie“ auf Kosten der Regenwälder



Make noise, it's the only way to get their attention

by Justin Raimondo


In short, Obama-ism has taken its toll on the antiwar movement, bringing it to a screeching halt. What, in the face of all these obstacles, is the right course for what remains of the antiwar movement? What’s needed is a revolution in our own mentality, one that will sweep away the routinist thinking that has dominated the movement for too long, and capture national attention in a dramatic way. This entails a new focus, a new strategy, and a renewed commitment to activism...


Principled nonvoting: The beginning of disengaging from the state

Nolan Chart
by Darren Wolfe


What should have been clear for generations is made ridiculously obvious after a year and a half of the Obama administration, namely that elections have failed as a means of controlling or changing the government. The almost seamless continuity of policy from the Bush administration to Obama’s presidency is undeniable and represents only the victory of the special interests in thwarting the people’s will...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Tanzania's Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth



Tanzania's Proposed Serengeti Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

By Forests.org, a project of Ecological Internet
September 16, 2010


The government of Tanzania has approved a major commercial highway across Serengeti National Park. The northern Serengeti – located near the Kenya border – is the most remote and pristine area in the Park’s entire ecosystem. Serengeti National Park's locally and globally significant ecosystem is driven by migration of wildebeest, elephant and zebra; and will be utterly devastated by the plan, as will be local livelihoods and well-being. There is a growing local and international support network protesting the project, and together we should be able to ensure it never commences.


Knochenarbeit als Psychogramm einer orientierungslosen Generation

Abstürzende Mittelschichten

Frank Hertels "Knochenarbeit" als Psychogramm einer orientierungslosen Generation.


Was sind schon 2 Euro?

Die Bundesarbeitsministerin verteidigt die Einschnitte beim Sozialetat. Die Begründung hinsichtlich des Wegfalles der Rentenbeiträge für ALG II-Empfänger ist interessant.



Media-Mogul Attacks Avaaz


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network

Seven Civilians Killed in US-Iraqi Raid


Conditions in Iraq Don't Match the Spin


The Emerging Global Fed



The Economics of Mass Destruction



We Live in Revolutionary Times



CIA Links to the Ground Zero Mosque



Holy War


The great Muslim scare

by Lawrence Davidson


Since the end of the Cold War, communism has been replaced by a new enemy, the religion of Islam and the billion Muslims who make it up. … How could millions upon millions of at least potentially sensible people stereotype an entire religion of a billion people (the vast majority of whom disavow the likes of Osama bin Laden) as enemies?


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Thursday, 16. September 2010

Next-up News Nr 1409

- L'EHS Zone Refuge de France va être fermée à cause de la municipalité, c'est une grande victoire de la honte pour Jean Serret, conseiller général et maire socialiste qui "envisage d'appliquer la directive Hortefeux, et raser le camp illicite..."

Tricksereien bei der Neuberechnung des Hartz-IV-Regelsatzes

16. September 2010 Katja Kipping

Betroffene an die Macht

Zur Tricksereien bei der Neuberechnung des Hartz-IV-Regelsatzes durch Ministerin von der Leyen, erklärt die stellvertretende Vorsitzende der Partei DIE LINKE, Katja Kipping:

Frau von der Leyen bereitet den nächsten Verfassungsbruch vor. Selbst im Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales geht man von einem Regelsatz von 430 Euro aus. Wenn die Ministerin zur Berechnung nicht mehr die untersten 20, sondern die ärmsten 15 Prozent der Bevölkerung heranzieht, darüber hinaus auch nicht die verdeckt Armen aus der Bezugsgruppe herausrechnet, manipuliert sie. Das Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts wird mit Füßen getreten. Fehlanzeige auch bei der Abschaffung der grundrechtswidrigen Sanktionen und Bedarfsgemeinschaftsregelung. Es wird Zeit, den Lobbyismus für Konzerne und Reiche im Lande zu stoppen. Stattdessen müssen von Armut Betroffene im demokratischen Prozess zur mächtigen Lobby werden - erst recht, wenn es um ihre Existenzsicherung geht. Davor fürchtet sich die schwarz-gelbe Bundesregierung.



Hartz wird zukünftig nicht in Basisgeld umbenannt

Das sollte ein ganz toller PR-Clou der Bundesarbeitsministerin Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) werden. Ab dem 1. Januar 2011 sollte der Begriff "Hartz IV" in "Basisgeld" umbenannt werden. Auch wenn sich nichts an der Ungerechtigkeit der Arbeitsmarktreform Hartz IV ändert, wenigstens wäre der Name neu. Anscheinend geht man im Bundesarbeitsministerium davon aus, dass bereits eine Veränderung des Namens die Gemüter beruhigen könnte.. Lesen Sie weiter:

//www.gegen-hartz.de/nachrichtenueberhartziv/aus-hartz-iv-wird-kein-basisgeld-387719.php &



Blackwater’s black ops

The Nation
by Jeremy Scahill


Over the past several years, entities closely linked to the private security firm Blackwater have provided intelligence, training and security services to US and foreign governments as well as several multinational corporations, including Monsanto, Chevron, the Walt Disney Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and banking giants Deutsche Bank and Barclays, according to documents obtained by The Nation. Blackwater’s work for corporations and government agencies was contracted using two companies owned by Blackwater’s owner and founder, Erik Prince: Total Intelligence Solutions and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC)...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare

Do you know that between 1979 to 2007 income for the bottom fifth of the country went up by just 16%, but for the top 1% income it went up a staggering 281%?


One in five American children is living in poverty

The Census figures are for 2009, and the number living in or near poverty has no doubt continued to increase this year, with the official unemployment rate remaining near 10 percent and the combined rate of unemployment and underemployment at nearly 17 percent.


From Information Clearing House


Poverty Rate Rises to 14.3 Percent in 2009


War Crimes: Codepink Attempts Citizen Arrest of Karl Rove in DC


With handcuffs raised, they called for a citizen's arrest and read the charges against him.


War crimes: Group offers $100,000 for 'information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove'

American Crossroads" groups known to many as the "shadow RNC," an activist organization declared that it would give $100,000 to any person who comes forward with "information leading to the arrest and conviction of Karl Rove."


From Information Clearing House


Blair should take a journey to jail

Information Clearinghouse
by Jodie Evans


I leapt up with handcuffs held high above my head. ‘You Liar. I was in Iraq and met with weapons inspectors before we invaded and they said they had found no WMDs. You are a War CRIMINAL! LIAR!’ At this moment I was surrounded by NYC cops and British Secret Service and they slammed me up against the wall and dragged me out of the room to cheers. The British guys were brutal, dragging me, yelling at me and begging the NYPD to arrest me.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Stop Karl Rove From Stealing Another Election

Today we jump back in to support the initiative launched by our activist friends at Velvet Revolution, to confront the latest corporate attempt to muscle in on our elections.

Karl Rove has joined with the corporate controlled US Chamber of Commerce, four conservative billionaires, and a host of Big Business CEOs to amass and spend more than $50 million to elect pro business, pro-deregulation candidates in November, using a corporate front organization called "American Crossroads". Please help blow the whistle on this giant leap towards unmitigated American Fascism.

Stop American Crossroads Action Page: //www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum1055.php

Velvet Revolution has already filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice requesting an investigation into American Crossroads because of its de facto takeover of the Republican National Committee without the concomitant regulatory controls and its laundering of secret money. And now we need your help. Just submit the form above to send an instant blast e-fax to your members of Congress and President Obama, requesting a full investigation into the activities of Rove's group.

They are also releasing ads calling on each candidate supported by American Crossroads to reject the support. The first ad focuses on Carly Fiorina, who is running for Senate in California. The tag line says, Carly, do the right thing, tell Karl Rove to keep his dirty tricks anddirty money out of California elections!

Obviously the looming threat posed by the sinister Supreme Court decision in the "Corporations Unregulated" case is already a pressing constitutional crisis. This is why we need everyone to help us distribute the "Corporations Are NOT The People" bumper stickers while there is still time to save our democracy.

Please consider picking up a bulk pack of 25 for just a modest donation, which is what makes it possible for us to send free bumper stickers to anyone who cannot make a donation right now. Be the key activist in your own neighborhood to get these in the hands of all your friends and on to their car bumpers.

Bulk Corporations Are Not The People bumper stickers: //www.peaceteam.net/bumper_stickers_bulk.php

And you can always get one free for yourself with no donation required, if you have not requested yours already. You can also have your choice of an "Impeach The Supreme Court 5" bumper sticker.

Single bumper stickers for no charge: //www.peaceteam.net/bumper_stickers.php

And here is the Facebook link for the Stop American Crossroads action page further above.

[Facebook] Action Page: //apps.facebook.com/fb_voices/action.php?qnum=pnum1055

And this is the Twitter reply for this same action

@cxs #p1055

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.



Surge in Housing Supply Will Drive Down Prices

By Mike Whitney

Home ownership has become an albatross. Prices are falling, demand is weak, foreclosures have skyrocketed, and inventory is backed up to the moon. If there's an upside, it's hard to see.


Census Reveals 45 Million Americans Living in Poverty

By Daily Mail

One in seven Americans is living below the poverty line, the US census figures reflect the worst decline in living standards for more than half a century.



The Hate Mongers Among Us

By Jeff Gates

Hate we're told is the face of evil seen in plumes of smoke and ash on 911. Yet hate also serves a purpose for those adept at catalyzing conflicts.


Bad Wars Aren't Possible Unless Good People Back Them

By Michael Moore

I know we've been "free" of the Iraq War for two weeks now and our minds have turned to the new football season and Fashion Week in New York. And how exciting that the new fall TV season is just days away!


Dismantle America's Military Behemoth

By Jacob G. Hornberger

An article in last Sunday's New York Times provided an interesting analysis of the Egyptian military, one that holds some important lessons for America.


Support for Occupation Relies on Lies and Spin

By Ted Rall

If the armies of another nation invade your country, there is no need to resort to lies to sell war. The battle is already joined. The threat is palpable. Anyone with a smidgen of patriotism and/or the instinct of self-preservation will rush to enlist.



Merkel schloss Röttgen bei Verhandlungen über den Atomdeal aus

Umweltminister Röttgen erklärte, dass bei den Verhandlungen kein Vertreter des auch für Reaktorsicherheit zuständigen Ministeriums anwesend war.


Jenseits aller Restlaufzeiten

Wie Angela Merkel Freund und Feind überlistet - ein Kommentar.


Guantanamo kommt US-Steuerzahlern teuer

650.000 Dollar kostet ein Gefangener pro Jahr.


Escaping Tolerance

Michael Winship, Truthout: "I visited the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum out on Columbia Point in Boston late last week for the first time since shortly after the permanent collection opened in 1980.... In one of the clear plastic display cases were two typewritten pages from one of the most important speeches JFK ever delivered: his address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on September 12, 1960, exactly 50 years ago this week. Dogged by misperceptions about his Catholic faith and scurrilous allegations that his dedication to country would be superseded by allegiance to the pope, Kennedy tackled the separation of church and state head on, with words as relevant, in the face of today's Islamophobia and other unreasoned fears, as they were then."


Scaremongering Report About Islam Reveals Political Posturing

Yana Kunichoff and Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "The conspiracy-minded conservatives with the Center for Security Policy lashed out at the global Islamic community on Wednesday with the release of a report that uses a narrow and radical definition of Islamic law to argue that the United States is threatened by a global Islamic 'mafia' that is waging a 'stealth jihad' through American organizations like the Muslim Student Association and the Islamic Medical Association. The authors liken their mission to a team of Cold Warriors who re-evaluated the threat of global Soviet Communism under then Director of Intelligence George Bush Sr. in the late 1970s, and the right wing is eating it up as controversies involving Muslim Americans continue to make headlines."



By One Vote, US Court OKs Torture and “Extraordinary Rendition”



Vegas Drone Trial Makes History



Drone Attacks Surge in Afghanistan; 70 Strikes Launched This Year

David Montero, The Christian Science Monitor: "Taken together, these September strikes would constitute the single largest bombardment unleashed by unmanned drones since the US military initiated the controversial program some six years ago, according to the Guardian. They would bring to 70 the total number of strikes launched this year, a new record. (The Long War Journal charts US drone strikes since 2004.)"



Thousands Protest in Afghanistan


Doubling of SOF Night Raids Backfired in Kandahar


US-led troops kill elderly Afghan civilian

Eyewitnesses in the Sharan district of Paktika Province told Press TV that foreign soldiers detained an 80-year-old man near a security outpost and shot him dead.


One killed as thousands Of Afghans Stage Anti - U.S. Protest In Kabul

Police fired into the air to disperse thousands of anti-American protesters in Afghanistan's capital on Wednesday, witnesses and police said, with one person killed and at least five wounded.


Seven killed in US raid west of Baghdad

Seven people were killed and four injured Wednesday during a raid by the forces near the western Iraqi city of Falluja, Iraqi police sources said.


From Information Clearing House


Wednesday, 15. September 2010

Blaming Obama

by Justin Raimondo


As long as Obama’s been in office, Obama’s progressive supporters ‘and even some sensible conservatives’ have been ’surprised and dismayed’ that his military and diplomatic posture seems nearly identical to that of his predecessor in the White House. Was he merely a good actor, or are there hidden factors chaining him to the ‘missteps’ of the Bush White House? Has he cracked, or is he ‘trapped?’ Walt believes the latter: ‘I don’t really blame Obama,’ he writes. The President ‘can’t simply wage a magic wand,’ after all, reverse course and ‘get the rest of the government to fall into line.’ Let’s stop right there and ask: why, exactly, not?


On more stimulus spending

Campaign For Liberty
by US Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)


Faced with continuing economic decline and an impending election, the administration, predictably, is entertaining the idea of another stimulus package. To explain why the last one didn’t work, adherents to the Keynesian economic philosophy are claiming that they actually did work — it just looks like they didn’t because we don’t realize how much worse off we would be right now without trillions of dollars of public spending...


What Obama’s presidency needs: A big reset

The Nation
by William Greider


The Obama White House is dabbling in small ideas when what the country needs is a big reset of this presidency. My suggestion: dump the measured moderation. It’s not working as economic strategy or as politics. Take a deep breath and admit the Democratic Party failed to grasp the enormity of the economic upheaval facing the country — people will be grateful for some honest talk. Start over with a more aggressive and realistic economic agenda that measures success in the tangible results people can see, not rosy forecasts of macroeconomic models. Instead of holding back, start using the government’s vast, untapped powers in more ambitious ways that directly generate real changes in the economy, starting with jobs, jobs, jobs...


The curse of fiat money

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Thorsten Polleit


It may come as a surprise to many, but the relative size of the US commercial-banking industry has not declined following the so-called credit-market crisis, which developed in the second half of 2007. On the contrary, it has increased since then. While nominal GDP rose 4.2% from the second quarter of 2007 to the second quarter of 2010, banks’ total assets rose 18.4%...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


"President Obama is Involved in War Crimes Right Now"

The New Statesman Interviews: Noam Chomsky

It's imperial doctrine. Stability is when the UK and US invade a country and impose the regime of their choice. But if Iran tries to interfere, that's destabilising.



US airstrikes in Pakistan hit all-time high in intensity

Winston-Salem Journal


Drone aircraft made two missile attacks in a lawless tribal region on the Afghan border yesterday, making September the most intense period of U.S. strikes in Pakistan since they began in 2004, intelligence officials said. The stepped-up campaign is focused on a small area of farming villages and mountainous, thickly forested terrain controlled by the Haqqani network, a ruthless American foe in Afghanistan, U.S. officials say...


17 more killed as US steps up drone strikes

Daily Times [Pakistan]


Two separate US missile strikes targeting al Qaeda-linked fighters in the Tribal Areas on Wednesday killed 17 terrorists, local security officials said...


US missile strike kills five

Worcester Telegram & Gazette


A suspected U.S. drone fired three missiles at a house in northwestern Pakistan today, killing five alleged militants in the 14th such attack this month — the most intense barrage since the strikes began in 2004, said intelligence officials. The house belonged to a local militant and was located in Datta Khel, a town in the North Waziristan tribal area that is controlled by militants who regularly launch cross-border attacks against NATO troops in Afghanistan, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak with the media...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


US Kills 32 people in Pakistan

US drones killed five militants in a strike in the volatile North Waziristan tribal region of northwest Pakistan today, taking the taking the number of rebels killed in four consecutive attacks since yesterday to 32.


US Attack Kills 8 In Pakistan

At least eight people were killed and two others injured in a U.S. drone strike launched Monday afternoon. One of the missiles reportedly hit a vehicle carrying five local welfare workers and all of them were said to be killed.


From Information Clearing House


The Rich Took Over in the 1970s

James Kwak, The Baseline Scenario: "It isn't public opinion, or the median voter, that matters; it's what the rich want. That shift occurred in the 1970s because businesses and the super-rich began a process of political organization in the early 1970s that enabled them to pool their wealth and contacts to achieve dominant political influence…. Money pouring into lobbying firms, political campaigns, and ideological think tanks created the organizational muscle that gave the Republicans a formidable institutional advantage by the 1980s. The Democrats have only reduced that advantage in the past two decades by becoming more like Republicans-more business-friendly, more anti-tax, and more dependent on money from the super-rich. And that dependency has severely limited both their ability and their desire to fight back on behalf of the middle class (let alone the poor), which has few defenders in Washington."



Government Report on Drugging of Detainees Is Suppressed

Jeffrey Kaye and Jason Leopold, Truthout: "A major Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigation on the drugging of detainees held at Guantanamo and other Department of Defense (DoD) facilities was completed almost a year ago, though no publicity about this ever took place. News of the completion of the report was a surprise to human rights workers who had been involved in investigating the drugging claims. According to DoD spokesperson, Maj. Tanya Bradsher, the report is classified. While the investigation's findings remain unknown, one Congressional source said the allegations of drugging of prisoners for the 'purposes of interrogation' were not substantiated by the findings of the report. The involuntary use of drugs on prisoners would violate a number of domestic and international laws, as well as basic ethical codes of the medical professions."



Langfristig überleben

Die Erde erlebt gerade ein Massensterben der Arten.

Neue Temperaturrekorde

US-Wissenschaftler haben Daten für August vorgelegt.


Die Formel für nachhaltiges Wachstum

In „Faktor Fünf“ zeigen Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker und seine amerikanischen Mitautoren Karlson Hargroves und Michael Smith, dass sich der Ressourcenverbrauch um 80 Prozent vermindern ließe, was weltweit mehr nachhaltigen Wohlstand zur Folge hätte. Eine Buchrezension von Thomas Wardenbach.


Erdkarte zeigt Massenverlust der Arktis

Gletscher in Grönland und Alaska verlieren jährlich 100 Gigatonnen.


Religion and Liberty



Will There Be Enough Food?



UN experts rap US over private security firms

UN experts have rapped the United States for its failure to prosecute private security personnel over violations in Iraq, citing a case against two US firms which was dismissed after they claimed immunity.


From Information Clearing House


US Soldier Committed Suicide Rather Than Take Part in Torture

By Greg Mitchell

Alyssa Peterson was one of the first female soldiers who died in Iraq. Her death under these circumstances should have drawn wide attention. It's not exactly the Tillman case, but a cover-up, naturally, followed.



Banning Slaughter

By Kathy Kelly

The U.S. is institutionalizing assassination as a valid policy. Does this make us safer?


Ex-CIA Agents Confirm Torture at Polish Black Site

By Spiegel

Former CIA agents have confirmed rumors that the agency tortured terror suspects at a detention center in Poland. One agent allegedly held a drill to a prisoner's head while he was naked and hooded.



ACLU: Lawyers for Guantánamo Prisoner in Court to Defend Successful Challenge to Detention



"A long-drawn-out disaster"

Bombshell from London

By Eric S. Margolis

The report, presided over by the former deputy director of Britain's foreign intelligence agency, MI-6, says the threat from al-Qaeda and Taliban has been "exaggerated" by the western powers.



Afghan War Myths



Nato urged to allow partition of Afghanistan

Afghanistan should be allowed to partition along ethnic lines by pulling back Nato forces and acknowledging that the Taliban will not be defeated in their heartland, a senior former American national security adviser has warned.


From Information Clearing House


Dizzy with success

Empire Burlesque
by Chris Floyd


‘Dizzy With Success.’ That was the phrase used by Stalin to describe the ‘few excesses’ that had taken place in the ‘historic drive to collectivization’ …. ‘Dizzy With Success’ would be also be an apt description for the epochal ruin that has been visited on the people of Afghanistan in nine years of military occupation by the United States and its European allies...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


IMF Fears 'Social Explosion' From World Jobs Crisis



A Planet at War With Itself



Tuesday, 14. September 2010

Only in America Can Blair Go Out in Public



Next-up News Nr 1408

- Dernière minute Alerte Action Urgente: Sauver l'EHS Zone Refuge

The war on food and health


Handcuffs for Wall Street, not happy-talk

Our Future Blog
by Zach Carter


The Washington Post has published a very silly op-ed by Chrystia Freeland accusing President Barack Obama of unfairly ‘demonizing’ Wall Street. … The trouble is, Obama hasn’t actually deployed harsh words against Wall Street. What’s more, in order to avoid being characterized as ‘anti-business,’ the Obama administration has refused to mete out serious punishment for outright financial fraud. Complaining about nouns and adjectives is a little ridiculous when handcuffs and prison sentences are in order...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Obama: Neoconservative

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


President Barack Obama was far from candid when he announced the end of combat operations in Iraq last month, but he did nothing to hide the fact that he is a neoconservative when it comes to the American empire. That was not lost on leading neoconservatives, who tend to prefer Republicans...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Die Bankenkrise, die Irland in Atem hält, wütet auch in Deutschland weiter

Basel III

Damit Banken nicht mehr das Geld ausgeht

„Mit neuen Eigenkapitalregeln wollen die Finanzaufseher Banken fit für die nächste Krise machen / »Basel III« soll Geldhäuser zwingen, angemessen für schlechte Zeiten vorzusorgen. Die Privatbankenlobby konnte bei den Verhandlungen über eine »Basel-III«- Reform strenge Eigenkapitalvorschriften verhindern…“ Artikel von Kurt Stenger im ND vom 14.09.2010 //www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/179552.damit-banken-nicht-mehr-das-geld-ausgeht.html

Eigenkapital für Banken: Macht Basel III die Welt sicherer?

„Riskante Geschäft auf Kosten des Steuerzahlers - das soll künftig schwerer werden: Banken müssen besser vorsorgen. Aber genügt das, um die nächste Krise zu verhindern? Zehn Fragen und zehn Antworten…“ Artikel von Helga Einecke, Harald Freiberger und Markus Zydra in Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 14.09.2010 //www.sueddeutsche.de/geld/eigenkapital-fuer-banken-macht-basel-iii-die-welt-sicherer-1.999299

Basel III: Bankenlobby setzt unzureichende Eigenkapitalregeln durch Internationale Aufsichtsorgane mit mehr Kompetenzen nötig

Pressemitteilung von attac vom 13.09.2010 //www.attac.de/aktuell/presse/detailansicht/datum/2010/09/13/basel-iii-bankenlobby-setzt-unzureichende-eigenkapitalregeln-durch/?cHash=3a46c86acb910ad71c9da7671cdb1b4a

Weitere 40 Milliarden für die Hypo Real Estate

Die Bankenkrise, die Irland in Atem hält, wütet auch in Deutschland weiter, weshalb Staatsgarantien für die HRE auf 142 Milliarden Euro steigen. Artikel von Ralf Streck in telepolis vom 13.09.2010 //www.heise.de/tp/blogs/8/148365

Siehe dazu auch: Eine kritische Einordnung der neuerlichen Milliarden für die HRE (Finanzkrise XLV)

„Am vergangenen Freitag wurde bekannt, dass die Münchner Hypo Real Estate eine zusätzliche Garantie von 40 Milliarden € erhalten solle. Die ersten Meldungen dazu waren vornehmlich Produkte des Verlautbarungsjournalismus. Es wurden die meist aus dem „Stern“ zitierten Erklärungen des Soffin, des Bankenrettungsfonds, einfach übernommen. Die Texte der Online-Seiten der Süddeutschen Zeitung, der Zeit, von Financial Times Deutschland und von Spiegel Online sind in Anlage 1 wiedergegeben, damit Sie sich ein Bild von dieser harmlosen Berichterstattung machen können. Wer die NachDenkSeiten bisher schon gelesen hat, weiß, dass wir in vielen Beiträgen seit Ende September 2008 auf die Vorgänge um die HRE eingehen. Im folgenden wird auf einige Zusammenhänge hingewiesen, ohne die man den neuerlichen Vorgang nicht einzuordnen und zu verstehen vermag…“ Kommentar von Albrecht Müller vom 13. September 2010 bei den Nachdenkseiten //www.nachdenkseiten.de/?p=6722

Aus: LabourNet, 14. September 2010


Lehren aus der Finanzkrise

Verfügt ein Staat über eine eigene Währung, kann das Bankensystem immer gerettet und die Regierungen nie zahlungsunfähig werden.



"Das wird ziemlich sicher eine langwierige Plackerei"

In den USA gibt es immer mehr Familien, die in Notunterkünften Zuflucht suchen. Experten dämpfen Hoffungen auf eine deutliche wirtschaftliche Besserung.


"Die Bild-Zeitung benutzte Sarrazin, wie ein Bauchredner seine Puppe"

Ein Gespräch mit Wolfgang Lieb, einer der Betreiber der NachDenkSeiten, über die rechtskonservative politische Meinungsmache der Springer-Presse.


Neuer Rechtskurs?

CSU-Chef Seehofer manövriert mit der Angst vor einer Partei rechts der CSU.



Zu Thilos Sarrazin: Deutschland schafft sich ab

Die Muslime sind unser Unglück. Ein Buch, das eigentlich in Deutschland nicht sein sollte. Von Rupert Neudeck



The Threat of Patriotism



It's Time To Dump Most US Stocks



Do Not Pity the Democrats

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: "There are no longer any major institutions in American society, including the press, the educational system, the financial sector, labor unions, the arts, religious institutions and our dysfunctional political parties, which can be considered democratic.... The menace we face does not come from the insane wing of the Republican Party, which may make huge inroads in the coming elections, but the institutions tasked with protecting democratic participation.... Investing emotional and intellectual energy in electoral politics is a waste of time. Resistance means a radical break with the formal structures of American society. We must cut as many ties with consumer society and corporations as possible. We must build a new political and economic consciousness centered on the tangible issues of sustainable agriculture, self-sufficiency and radical environmental reform."


"Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama"

Thom Hartmann, Truthout: "'Backlash' is a brilliant overview of this most recent incarnation of the phony grassroots movements that arise or are funded - like the John Birch Society against Jack Kennedy and LBJ - to destroy Democratic presidents. From Tea Party to Tea Party, from Fox News to the reactive corporate media, Will Bunch has done a brilliant job of taking us inside this newest movement to preserve the rights, powers and wealth of the very, very rich."


Study Finds CEO Salaries Increase With Layoffs

Nadia Prupis, Truthout: "Executives of the top 50 job-cutting firms in the US earned 42 percent more than their peers in 2009, according to a report published by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). As the country's economy continues to struggle, and American workers earn less in weekly wages than they did in the 1970s (adjusted for inflation), executive salaries have remained substantially, disproportionately high. According to the IPS study, 'Executive Excess 2010: CEO Pay and the Great Recession,' after adjusting for inflation, the average CEO pay in 2009 is more than four times its average from the 1980s and approximately eight times what it was throughout the mid-20th century."



Government Lies


Evidence Mounts of BP Spraying Toxic Dispersants

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "Shirley and Don Tillman, residents of Pass Christian, Mississippi, have owned shrimp boats, an oyster boat and many pleasure boats. They spent much time on the Gulf of Mexico before working in BP's Vessels Of Opportunity (VOO) program looking for and trying to clean up oil.... The Tillmans and thousands of other fishermen and residents along the Gulf of Mexico are deeply concerned about local, state and federal government complicity in what they see as a massive cover-up of the oil disaster by using toxic dispersants to sink any and all oil that is located."


Concerns Raised About Oil Spill Contaminants in Livestock Feed

Chris Rodda, Truthout: "Over the Labor Day weekend, the Perdido Bay Mullet Festival in Lillian, Alabama had to do something it's never had to do before - substitute catfish for mullet. Why? Because, according to event organizer Bill Cornell, the company that supplies the mullet for the annual festival 'didn't feel good about the fish' and 'won't sell them for human consumption.' The seafood supplier, Wallace Seafood, had found unusual white spots on some of the mullet being caught, and won't sell the fish until testing is completed to see if they're safe to eat."


Lawsuit Asks if Science Was Manipulated in BP Oil Spill Estimates

Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers: "An environmental whistleblower group charges in a lawsuit that the Obama administration is withholding documents that would reveal why it issued an estimate on the gravity of the Gulf of Mexico oil well blowout that later was proved to be far too low."



Business as Usual in Iraq



They died for Iran

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


More than 4,400 Americans have died during the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Nearly 32,000 Americans have been wounded. And despite what President Obama says, it’s not over yet. What did those men and women sacrifice for? Some war critics say it was in vain, but that’s not true. It was for Iran. Iran is the big winner in Operation Iraqi Freedom (and now Operation New Dawn)...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


As Recession Bites Deeper, Obama Has Discovered People Can't Eat Hope



Obama’s cure for malaise: More of the same

Washington Times
by staff


With the nation suffering from high unemployment, tepid growth and low confidence, President Obama on Friday made a bold change: he slightly rearranged his economic team. Austan D. Goolsbee, who has been at Mr. Obama’s side since his 2004 Senate campaign, now heads the Council of Economic Advisers. … Mr. Obama’s advisers, insulated from the effects of a recession that has devastated the private sector, have less reason to question the wisdom of diverting the nation’s wealth into the public sector...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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