Tuesday, 21. September 2010

Did Tony Blair Endorse Preventive War on Iran?

By Stephen M. Walt

Blair's tacit support for military force in this case is without foundation.

Obama claims military action is an option

U.S. President claims military action is an option but army commanders warn of region destabilization.

Monday, 20. September 2010

Reality Check: Iran is Not a Nuclear Threat

By Scott Horton

Forget the neoconservative hype. The facts show Iran is not and has not been a nuclear threat to either the United States or Israel.

Saturday, 18. September 2010

Concealing The Risk of An All Out Nuclear War

By Michel Chossudovsky

We have reached a turning point in our history. The US and its allies are preparing to launch a nuclear war with devastating consequences.

Saturday, 11. September 2010

HR 1553 Authorizing 'Use of Force' Against Iran Is Based on Pure Propaganda

The Militarization of Hollywood: Unlocking 'The Hurt Locker'

Wednesday, 8. September 2010

'IAEA report confirms Iran's clean slate'

"After seven years of constant inspections, the report once again confirms the non-diversion of Iran's nuclear activities towards military and banned objectives."

From Information Clearing House

Tuesday, 7. September 2010

Neoconservatives tout 'reverse linkage' concept to push war on Iran

Tuesday, 24. August 2010

Cutting Through the Media's Bogus Bomb-Iran Debate

Tony Karon, TomDispatch: "America's march to a disastrous war in Iraq began in the media, where an unprovoked U.S. invasion of an Arab country was introduced as a legitimate policy option, then debated as a prudent and necessary one. Now, a similarly flawed media conversation on Iran is gaining momentum."


The Bomb-Iran Debate

Saturday, 21. August 2010

Freundestausch unter Feinden

Während sich die türkische Diplomatie zum Ärger der USA einen Iran-freundlichen und Israel-feindlichen Kurs einschlägt, verbündet sich das bisher traditionell Palästinenser-freundliche Griechenland mit Israel.

Monday, 16. August 2010

What Should A Poor Warmongering Neoconservative Do?

By Juan Cole

This political grouping includes WASPS such as former CIA director James Woolsey and former UN ambassor John Bolton, ...

US Death Squads Roam The Globe

Secret Assault on "Terrorism" Widens on Two Continents


As American counterterrorism operations spread beyond war zones into territory hostile to the military, private contractors have taken on a prominent role, raising concerns that the United States has outsourced some of its most important missions to a sometimes unaccountable private army.

Ex-US envoy to UN Bolton: Attack before Bushehr facility ready

Former US envoy to the UN John Bolton said Monday that if Israel wants to prevent Iran from acquiring a working nuclear plant, then a military strike must be launched against the Bushehr nuclear power facility within the next eight days.

Iran To Respond If Israel Attacks

"In that case we will lose a power plant, but Israel's existence will be in danger," Ahmad Vahidi was cited as saying today by the state-run Mehr news agency, in response to questions about the possibility of an attack by Israel on the Russian-built atomic facility at Bushehr.

Steinitz demands ultimatum for Iran: Raising the stakes

Finance minister says America must warn Tehran of military strike within weeks; 'Time has come for whole world, under US leadership, to present Iran with unequivocal ultimatum,' he says.,7340,L-3940260,00.html

'Intl. law forbids attack on nuclear sites'

"According to Resolution 533 of the IAEA, attacking or threatening to attack operational or under-construction nuclear facilities is a blatant violation of the UN charter, IAEA statute and international regulations," Ali Asghar Soltanieh.

From Information Clearing House

Saturday, 14. August 2010

The Weak Case for War with Iran

Jeffrey Goldberg's new article in the Atlantic is deeply reported -- and deeply wrong about the Middle East. But it's his misunderstanding of America that is most dangerous of all.

Iran warns US of military retaliation

A senior Iranian commander warns the US of retaliation in case of an attack on Iran, saying if Washington begins the war, it would not be able to put an end to it.

The Reality Of Irans Nuclear Program

By Scott Horton On Russia Today

Scott Horton discusses the Iranian nuclear program on Russia Today.

Ankara tells US it won't adhere to new sanctions on Iran

Turkish officials have told an American delegation that it has no intention of following unilateral US sanctions on Iran.

Bahrain: We won't let US attack Iran from our territory

Bahraini Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa said Saturday that his country will not allow the United States to use its military base to attack Iran.,7340,L-3940974,00.html

From Information Clearing House


Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA): Iraq to Iran: Propaganda for War

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