Monday, 20. September 2010

We Can't Afford This Government

Fractional Reserve Banking

They're Bleeding Us Dry

The Establishment Is Now Concerned About the Deficit

Private Investment and Government Power in the Present Crisis

The $6 Trillion 401K Grab

Der unterhaltsame Krieg

Rekruten bleiben aus und der Rückhalt in der Bevölkerung schwindet. Die Bundeswehr versucht, mit Film- und Fernseh-Produktionen gegenzusteuern: "Militainment made in Germany".

Hypo Real Estate Manager sollen 2009 Boni von mehr als einer Million kassieren

In der verstaatlichen, angeblichen systemischen Pleitebank dürften Vorstände eigentlich höchstens eine halbe Million verdienen.

Warum sind die Managergehälter in den letzten Jahrzehnten so in die Höhe geschossen?

US-Soziologen glauben, dafür einen wichtigen Grund gefunden zu haben, der wenig mit Leistung und freiem Arbeitsmarkt zu tun hat.

The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis

4 More banks close as U.S. bank failures reaches 124 this year

Three bank failures in Georgia and one in Ohio has brought 2010's tally to 124, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Friday...

Americans' Net Worth Falls Along With Stocks

U.S. households saw their wealth decline in the second quarter despite their efforts to save more money, underscoring the economy's struggle to recover from the recession.

Record number of US homes seized by banks

More US homes were repossessed by banks in August-more than 95,000-than in any other month in history, according to, a real estate marketplace. The company expects 1.2 million bank repossessions this year, a level 12 times higher than in 2005, when there were only 100,000.

Wall Street Banks Committing Widespread Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

A Florida state-court judge, in a rare ruling, said a major national bank perpetrated a "fraud" in a foreclosure lawsuit, raising questions about how banks are attempting to claim homes from borrowers in default.

The housing recession isn't over

The spate of foreclosures is particularly problematic since it continues to add to the housing glut. And until the number of homes on the market comes down, it's tough to imagine how sales and prices will improve all that dramatically.

From Information Clearing House


The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis

Dean Baker, Truthout: "The basic story of the foreclosure crisis is that banks made trillions of dollars of bad mortgage loans that were used to buy or refinance houses at bubble-inflated prices. With the collapse of the housing bubble, more than a fifth of all mortgages are underwater. As a result, many homeowners are struggling to pay mortgages on houses in which they have no equity and have no real prospect of ever getting equity. This is where the two competing views of government come in. If the market is allowed to run its course, millions of homeowners will default on mortgages, leaving banks and investors with large losses."

It's time to talk honestly about collapse

"In the Face of This Truth"

It's time to talk honestly about collapse-no matter how others may respond. We live in the midst of multiple crises­-economic and political, cultural and ecological-posing a significant threat to human existence at the level we have become accustomed to.

From Information Clearing House

Farmers' apocalypse: the globalisation of food supply

Last week the US-based Monsanto secured a 20 per cent minority interest in Western Australia's InterGrain and launched an advocacy and "education" campaign to promote the benefits of genetic modification to consumers.

From Information Clearing House

US-led strike kills 70 in Afghanistan

A US airstrike has reportedly left 70 people dead in southeastern Afghanistan as the war-ravaged country votes to elect a new parliament.

From Information Clearing House

Los Angeles spent $70 million in stimulus funds to create 8 jobs

By John Cook

A new piece of evidence has emerged in the debate over the effectiveness of President Obama's 2009 stimulus package, and it's not good for Democrats.


Old theory of Keynesian stimulus comes up against hard new facts

Cato Institute
by Alan Reynolds


The Republican alternative to more fiscal stimulus says [Dana] Milbank, is for government to ‘do nothing, and let the human misery continue.’ Any doubts about the efficacy of fiscal stimulus, he argues, were discredited by the remarkable discovery that recessions still happen: ‘Economists offering alternatives to Keynes devised mathematical models showing how markets would behave efficiently. But those ideas collapsed along with everything else in 2008.’ This is ignorant nonsense. Efficiency never meant markets can’t be surprised and crash. Besides, academic criticism of fiscal stimulus is mainly based on fact, not theory...

Meet the new Sarah Palin


Tea With Frankenstein

By David Michael Green

Just when you thought you'd reached the ground floor in the well of American self-destruction, you find out once again that that pit is absolutely bottomless.

Palin Opens Up About Possible 2012 Run, Says She's Willing to 'Give It a Shot'

Sarah Palin may be edging closer to a 2012 presidential run, telling Fox News "I would give it a shot" if the American people think she's "the one."

From Information Clearing House’Donnell

Suffocating the Poor: A Modern Parable

By Johann Hari

I want to tell you the story of how our governments have been torturing and tormenting an island in the Caribbean - but it is a much bigger story than that. It's a parable explaining one of the main reasons how and why, across the world, the poor are kept poor, so the rich can be kept rich.

20 Signs That The Economic Collapse Has Already Begun

For One Out Of Every Seven Americans

By Economic Collapse Blog

For most Americans, the economic collapse is something that is happening to someone else. Most of us have become so isolated from each other and so self-involved that unless something is directly affecting us or a close family member than we really don't feel it.

Reality Check: Iran is Not a Nuclear Threat

By Scott Horton

Forget the neoconservative hype. The facts show Iran is not and has not been a nuclear threat to either the United States or Israel.

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