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Frauenrechte in Afghanistan, ein Feigenblatt für den Krieg - Afghan Women Have Already Been Abandoned
Nicht nur das "Time Magazine" möchte uns glauben machen, dass es beim Einsatz am Hindukusch auch um die Rechte der Frauen geht. Das Leben der meisten Afghaninnen ist hart und so manches Schicksal tragisch.... ...
rudkla - 19. Aug, 08:42

What they do in our name
Future of Freedom Foundation by Sheldon Richman 08/10/10 Thanks to Wikileaks and heroic leakers inside the military, we now know the U.S. government has killed many more innocent Afghan civilians than... ...
rudkla - 11. Aug, 23:17

Attempting To Intimidate WikiLeaks Won't Work
//groups.google.de/gr oup/freepage-news/browse_t hread/thread/538a7a6c19db6 f52?hl=en# -------- What they do in our name Future of Freedom Foundation by Sheldon Richman 08/10/10 Thanks to Wikileaks... ...
rudkla - 11. Aug, 08:37

US-led Raid Killed 39 Civilians
By Press TV President Hamid Karzai's office said late on Wednesday the inquiry shows 39 civilians -- all women and children -- were killed in the attack. //www.inform ationclearinghouse.info/ar ticle26096.htm... ...
rudkla - 21. Aug, 10:00

Jagd auf Taliban Bundeswehr in gezielte Tötung verstrickt
„US-Elitesoldaten haben nach einem Medienbericht mindestens einen Taliban-Kommandeur in Afghanistan mit Hilfe deutscher Informationen gezielt getötet. Die Bundeswehr habe Qari Bashir 2009 zur Gefangennahme... ...
rudkla - 3. Aug, 11:13

Study ties civilian deaths to attacks on US forces
MSNBC 08/02/10 Each time U.S. or NATO forces accidentally kill Afghan civilians, insurgents and their sympathizers typically retaliate with six additional assaults on foreign forces over the next six... ...
rudkla - 3. Aug, 09:58

Do disclosures of atrocities change anything?
CounterPunch by Alexander Cockburn 08/01/10 The hope of the brave soldier who sent 92,000 secret U.S. documents to Wikileaks was that their disclosure would prompt public revulsion and increasing political... ...
rudkla - 4. Aug, 10:14

Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and Ron Paul, R-Texas Propose Vote to Exit Pakistan
By John Nichols It's not generally known that we have at least 124 Special Forces troops on the ground inside Pakistan. It is absolutely urgent that we take a stand to stop spreading war in Pakistan.... ...
rudkla - 4. Aug, 09:14

Wikileaks: US Attack Killed 300 Civilians In Afghanistan
Report By David Leigh Locals told Reuters that up to 300 civilians - as well as a number of Taliban - were killed in the air strike after they had been rounded up to watch a Taliban-organised public... ...
rudkla - 28. Jul, 09:37

Yoo, Bybee, and the Taliban prisoner
Future of Freedom Foundation by Jacob G. Hornberger 07/26/10 I wonder what torture-memo attorneys John Yoo and Jay Bybee are thinking regarding the report of a U.S. sailor who was apparently taken captive... ...
rudkla - 27. Jul, 11:30

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