Friday, 11. June 2010

Genmais-Skandal: Landwirte wollen vor Gericht ziehen

NDR Online

Die niedersächsische Regierung sehe das Verbot kritisch, sinnvoller sei
ein EU-weit gültiger Grenzwert, nach dem Vorbild etwa von Österreich.


Illegaler Gen-Mais in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Erstes Bundesland veröffentlicht betroffene Flächen.

Why the Main Street Economy Isn't Getting Any Better

Robert Reich | Robert Reich's Blog: "Today's most important economic news: US household debt fell for the seventh straight quarter in the first three months of 2010 as Americans continued to respond to the recession's fallout. But like all economic news, its significance depends on where you're standing - whether you're a typical American or someone at the top."

Eight Ways the Great Recession Has Changed Americans

Mark Trumbull, The Christian Science Monitor: "Fifty-five percent of Americans in the labor force have experienced a job loss, a pay cut, or a reduction in hours since the onset of the Great Recession in 2007, a new survey finds."


Debt Spreading 'Like a Cancer': Black Swan Author

"We had less debt cumulatively (two years ago), and more people employed. Today, we have more risk in the system, and a smaller tax base," Taleb said.

7.9 million jobs lost, many forever

The "recession" killed off 7.9 million jobs. It's increasingly likely that many will never come back. The government jobs report issued Friday shows that businesses have slowed their pace of hiring to a relative trickle.

From Information Clearing House

Taking Bush’s preventive war doctrine underground (sort of)

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


Remember when Democrats and independents craved a less belligerent U.S. foreign policy that eschewed the aggressive preventive war doctrine of the George W. Bush administration? When Barack Obama took office, the atmospherics did seem to change as the new president promised to withdraw forces from Iraq and actually talk to unfriendly nations, such as Iran and North Korea. The only problem is that the new boss is largely the same as the old boss in the war on terror. To give some credit where it is due, the recently released Obama National Security Strategy has laudably narrowed the broad war to attacking al-Qaeda and associated groups around the world. But Obama has also made that war more aggressive and more secretive (sort of)...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Countervailing power

Boston Globe
by Robert Kuttner


As investigations are now revealing, there were laws that should have prevented the BP oil blowout, but the oil companies kept getting waivers from the Minerals Management Service, which was thoroughly tamed by the petroleum industry and its political allies in Washington. … The same hijacking of the regulatory apparatus occurred on the financial front. Ample laws could have prevented the speculative collapse if they had been enforced, including requiring banks to use sound underwriting standards, preventing credit rating agencies from bestowing triple-A ratings on junk, or keeping derivatives in check. The regulatory defaults spanned the Clinton and Bush administrations...

Big Oil bailout?

Our Future Blog
by Digby


Does that sound insane to you in this environment in which the congress is refusing to extend unemployment benefits? Me too. But John Boehner is actually pushing it. … [The] House Minority Leader [says] taxpayers should help pick up the tab. ‘I think the people responsible in the oil spill — BP and the federal government — should take full responsibility for what’s happening there,’ Boehner said at his weekly press conference this morning. … One very clever thing about this is the fact that they are framing this spill as being the equal fault of BP and the Federal government, which means it’s all the fault of an oil company and the Democrats...

Less government spending = less economic trouble

Christian Science Monitor
by Robert Higgs


Though our current economic troubles are complex, many mainstream economists have endorsed the simplistic Keynesian theory that massive government spending will produce jobs and prosperity. From such Keynesian thinking have flowed the ’stimulus’ and bailout measures that have increased the size and power of government and added trillions of dollars to the public debt. The federal deficit has jumped from about 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in fiscal 2008 to about 10 percent of GDP in fiscal 2009 and 2010. The government now forecasts deficits in the neighborhood of $1 trillion per year for the next decade. Politicians, who are always looking for plausible rationales for their insatiable spending, borrowing, and power-grabbing, had never abandoned Keynesianism, so they have been elated to find economic ‘experts’ again confirming their self-interested inclinations. Indeed, several prominent economists, such as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, are urging Washington to spend even more, lest the economy slow. But what does history show?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Our Fault, Too

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "There were hearings on Capitol Hill this week regarding the Gulf oil disaster, and virtually everyone involved - from witnesses to experts to government officials - had a grand old time throwing rocks at British Petroleum. The Obama administration and various government agencies have also been taking it in the teeth over their failure to quell the oil boiling up from the bottom of the sea. Beaches are closing, animals are dying, livelihoods are being destroyed, and unbelievable as it may seem, the worst is yet to come. New reports indicate the well may have been releasing oil equivalent to the Exxon Valdez spill every eight to ten days since this whole thing started."

Obama, BP and the Wimp Factor

Alexander Cockburn, Truthout: "The British are howling with rage at President Obama's recent tough language about BP's chief executive Tony Hayward. Earlier this week, Obama suggested he'd fire Hayward if he could. U.S. politicians have taken to calling BP 'British Petroleum' - a name the company has not used since the 1990s. It's not surprising that the British are upset. BP is the elephant in the national living room. The value of the BP dividend accounts for roughly 1 pound in every seven of annual British shareholder payouts, and here are prominent politicians in the U.S. talking about BP suspending dividend payouts."


Obama: Stop Bashing Britain

Expect Lots of Government Layoffs at State, Local Level


EPA reveals toxic Corexit ingredients


The Case for a Second Round of Stimulus

By Mike Whitney

Consumer spending is flat, home prices are set to fall, unemployment will likely edge higher, private sector credit is still contracting, capacity utilization is far below pre-crisis levels, the CPI is slipping, and yields on US Treasuries are priced for deflation. The government must pick up the slack or their will be a general fall in prices that will trigger more layoffs, larger deficits, and social unrest.

The war is making you poor

by Justin Raimondo


During the Bush years, war funding was ‘off budget’ – a bit of fiscal trickery that masks the real costs of these conflicts – and the Obama crowd promised to put an end to that practice. However, so far the Obama-ites are going the Bush route of submitting ‘emergency’ supplementals to our misnamed ‘defense’ budget in order to cover the costs of the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. This time around the ‘emergency’ funding comes to $159 billion: H.R. 5353 would eliminate that entirely and make our solons fund their war out of the remaining $549 billion earmarked for the Department of Defense. Simple, clean, and clearly illustrating how our elected representatives fool us — and themselves — into believing the costs of their wars are less than they really are, the four-page bill already has bipartisan support...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


It's Not a "Defense" Department


Conyers joins Grayson's 'War Is Making You Poor Act' as co-sponsor

Amnesty International: Millions Suffer in 'Human Rights Free Zone' in Northwest Pakistan


Officials: US missile kills two in Pakistan

Chicago Sun-Times

A suspected American missile strike killed two people Thursday in a militant-controlled region of northwest Pakistan. U.S. drones routinely hit suspected militants Pakistan’s tribal regions close to the Afghan border. The Obama administration regards the attacks as a vital weapon in the fight against al-Qaida and related Islamist extremist groups...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


US kills 15 people in Pakistan

The toll in the US drone strike in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal area has risen to 15 while 10 were wounded in the incident Friday, media reports said.

US kills 15 in Pakistan

Six missiles were fired in a pre-dawn attack on a house in Maizer village, 45 kms from Miranshah, the main town in north Waziristan killing the 15 militants, official sources said.

From Information Clearing House

Drones: Backfiring on U.S. Strategy


The killer Drones: read the fine lines here,8599,1996027,00.html

Informant: Sheila


Feds under pressure to open US skies to drones

Unmanned aircraft have proved their usefulness and reliability in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the pressure's on to allow them in the skies over the United States.

From Information Clearing House

ACLU Chief 'Disgusted' with Obama

Obama's Afghanistan Strategy: The News Is Bad

US's futile stalemate in Afghanistan increasingly obvious


Afghanistan: The News Is Bad

While U.S. officials insist they are making progress in reversing the momentum built up by the Taliban insurgency over the last several years, the latest news from Afghanistan suggests the opposite may be closer to the truth.

Obama wants more money for Afghanistan war. Will Congress grant it?

"Some two-thirds of Democrats who supported the president in 2008 now oppose the president's Afghan policy," says former Rep. Tom Andrews (D) of Maine, national director of the Win Without War Coalition.

From Information Clearing House


Obama's Afghanistan Strategy: The... News... Is... Bad


McChrystal Faces "Iraq 2006 Moment" in Coming Months

Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service: "Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal confronts the spectre of a collapse of US political support for the war in Afghanistan in coming months comparable to the one that occurred in the Iraq War in late 2006."

Things the Marine Corps Forgot to Mention

America's Judge

Außenseiter Klimaschutz

1 730 000 Prozent Steigerung des Wirtschaftswachstums? Das hält die Erde nicht aus. Gespräch mit Angelika Zahrnt über Klimagipfel und eine Wirtschaft jenseits des permanenten Wachstums.


Munich Re sieht ungebrochenen Trend zu immer teureren Naturkatastrophen

Der langfristige Trend zu immer kostenintensiveren Naturkatastrophen hält an. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommen die GeoRisiko-Experten von Munich Re auch vor dem Hintergrund der aktuell zu beobachtenden Häufung von Naturkatastrophen: Jüngste Beispiele sind das Erdbeben in Chile, Hagel-stürme in Australien oder der europäische Wintersturm Xynthia.

Klimawandel: Ergebnisse einer globalen Studie

Menschen in aller Welt empfinden den globalen Klimawandel nach wie vor als Bedrohung und sehen extreme Wetterbedingungen als größtes Risiko.

Globaler Klimawandel: Klimawandel und Treibhauseffekt

Das Jahrzehnt 2000 bis 2009 war das wärmste seit Beginn der Klimaaufzeichnung vor 130 Jahren.

Studie WWF und Germanwatch: Anpassungsstrategien können Klimaprozess neue Dynamik bringen

"Es ist besonders wichtig, dass wir in den vom Klimawandel bedrohten Entwicklungsländern Anpassungsmaßnahmen realisieren."

Klima und Boden entscheidend für Ökonomie

Zwei fundamentale Faktoren ausschlaggebend für Reichtum oder Armut.

Höheres Risiko für militärische Zwischenfälle

Was folgt aus den gestern beschlossenen UN-Sanktionen gegen Iran?

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