Thursday, 22. July 2010

Obama's Afghan War in Perspective

By Gary Leupp

Practically everyone now understands that the war in Afghanistan is going very badly. This is not because the Taliban and other "insurgent" forces are strong and their foreign foes weak. It is because of the Afghans' indomitable spirit of independence that is only intensified by each civilian death due to house raids or bombs.

Unconfirmed report: US-led strike kills dozens of civilians

A US-led air strike has reputedly left dozens of civilians dead in Afghanistan, raising concerns about the growing number of civilian casualties in the country.

From Information Clearing House


In Legislative Struggle, Education Loses, War Wins

"What Was My Father's Crime?" Afghan Tells Story of His Father's Killing in a US Night Raid

'Scores Die in Afghan Village Raid'

Experts: Health Hazards in Gulf Warrant Evacuations

Rose Aguilar, Truthout: "When Louisiana residents ask marine toxicologist and community activist Riki Ott what she would do if she lived in the Gulf with children, she tells them she would leave immediately. 'It's that bad. We need to start talking about who's going to pay for evacuations.'"

BP Facing Lawsuit Over Handling of Oil Spill Cleanup

Hillary Stemple, JURIST: "A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against BP in a Louisiana state court alleging that the company's negligent actions led to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and that BP was also negligent in its handling of the cleanup of the oil spill. The plaintiffs contend that BP assumed responsibility for the health and safety of the local cleanup workers hired by the company but failed to provide them with adequate training, protective equipment, decontamination equipment and instructions to help them conduct the cleanup in a safe manner. Plaintiff John Wunstell, a former shrimper, alleges that he was hospitalized after being exposed to the chemical dispersants used to clean the oil, and that he is now at a greater risk of developing lung and esophageal cancer due to his exposure to the chemicals. Plaintiffs also contend that they were required to use their own boats to conduct cleanup efforts and that the boats are now damaged, threatening their future ability to earn a living through commercial fishing."


BP Admits It 'Photoshopped' Official Images as Oil Spill 'Cut and Paste' Row Escalates


The Great Oil Scam

Next-up News Nr 1375

- France 3 Référé contre les EHS: L'interview scandaleuse de Me D. Fleuriot
avocat de Didier Guillaume Président du Conseil Général de la Drôme.
- La photo de la réalité d'état d'EHS à Valence, le Dauphiné Libéré.

The Influence of Vaccine-Critical Websites On Perception Of Vaccination Risks

The secret history of our downfall

"Kleiner Kreis entscheidet über die Zukunft der Landwirtschaft in Europa"

Das Europäische Patentamt muss eine Grundsatzentscheidung über die Patentierbarkeit von Pflanzen treffen.

Vor dem Irak-Krieg wurden Märchen erzählt

Britische Geheimdienstchefin bestätigt, dass Saddam Hussein keine Bedrohung darstellte und mit den Anschlägen vom 11.9. nichts zu tun hatte.

Schwarz-Gelb scheint die Talsohle noch nicht erreicht zu haben

Nach der neuesten Forsa-Umfrage würde die Regierungskoalition nur noch ein Drittel der Stimmen erhalten und wäre Minderheitsregierung.

Why This Gigantic 'Intelligence' Apparatus? Follow the Money

On the Bloated Intelligence Bureaucracy

The US should restore the Articles of Confederation as the legitimate central government

Drones in U.S. skies to keep eye on us?

From APFN daily update

US State Dept. will soon field its own private army in Iraq

Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA and Army Experiments

H.P. Albarelli Jr. and Zoe Martell, Truthout: "With little fanfare on July 13, Florida officials released the findings of a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study conducted recently in the Key West area revealing that about 10 percent, or 1,000 people, of the coastal town's population are infected with the dengue fever virus."

BP's Oil Spill Caused by Fed's 'Dangerous Culture of Permissiveness'

Silent Summer: How Oil Disaster Impacts Biodiversity


BP's Long, Bloody History of Reckless Greed

Al Hart, Truthout: "British Petroleum (now known as BP), the company responsible for the worst single-source environmental catastrophe in U.S. history, has over its 100-year history caused a number of environmental and workplace disasters. But the harm BP has caused goes further. In the early 1950s, BP and the British government convinced the U.S. to overthrow the democratic government of Iran - an action that has had disastrous consequences for Iran, the U.S., and the Middle East to this day."

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