Friday, 13. August 2010

U.S. Trade Deficit Widens to $49.9 Billion in June

Stocks plunged after the report, extending a global slide, on growing concern the recovery worldwide was slowing as a report showed output in China cooled and the leader of the Bank of England said U.K. growth will be weaker than previously forecast.

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UK: Report a crime and end up on a secret database

Police force has logged 180,000 names

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Is This Finally The Economic Collapse?

Party Like Its 1929

By Mike Whitney

The economy is on the rocks and another round of quantitative easing won't help. The Obama administration will have to toughen up and push through another fiscal stimulus program. It's the only way.

Is This Finally The Economic Collapse?

By Keith R. McCullough

According to economists Carmen Reinhart & Ken Rogoff, whose views we share, crossing the 90% debt/GDP threshold is the equivalent of crossing the proverbial Rubicon of economic growth. It's a point from which it's almost impossible to return.

The Big Things That Matter And The Little Things That Annoy

By Paul Craig Roberts

If Marx and Lenin were alive today, the extraordinary greed with which Wall Street has infected capitalism would provide Marx and Lenin with a better case than they had in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Is Wall Street Making Life or Death Decisions?

Dora Calott Wang, M.D., Truthout: "Is your health insurance company traded on Wall Street? If so, is Wall Street deciding your medical care? It's hard to recall that for-profit corporations were once kept out of health care - in fact, for most of the 20th century. During this time, the nation's medical system was built largely by non-profit and charitable organizations, which is why so many hospitals are named for saints."

Gulf Health Problems Blamed on Dispersed Oil

Dahr Jamail, Inter Press Service: "BP says it is no longer using toxic dispersants to break up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Gulf Coast residents claim otherwise, and say they have the sicknesses to prove it. On Aug. 5, Donny Mastler, a commercial fisherman who also works on boats, was at the Dauphin Island Marina."

Uncovering the Lies That Are Sinking the Oil

Dahr Jamail, Truthout: "The rampant use of toxic dispersants, out-of-state private contractors being brought in to spray them and US Coast Guard complicity are common stories now in the four states most affected by BP's Gulf of Mexico oil disaster."


Gulf of Mexico `Dead Zone' Grows as Spill Impact Is Studied

The Gulf of Mexico faces a renewed and enlarged threat to marine life: a low-oxygen "dead zone" about the size of Massachusetts, caused by chemical runoff into the Mississippi River that flows into the sea.

Jersey Shore: Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Thousands For Second Time This Week On East Coast


Fisheries in Massachusetts alleged low oxygen from warm waters was the cause of the mass kill in Fairhaven.

Gulf Oil Spill: University Study Contradicts Government Estimates, Up To 79% Of Oil Could Remain

A group of scientists say that most of that BP oil the government claimed was gone from the Gulf of Mexico is actually still there.

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Deepwater Horizon Crisis May Be Over; Deep Suspicion Remains


Mystery well revealed

Die Klimakatastrophe ist da

Alle Ausreden helfen nicht mehr: Die Klimakatastrophe ist da. Feuer in Russland und die Gefahr einer nuklearen Wolke. Die Flut in Pakistan und sechs Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht. Erdrutsche in China und ganze Dörfer, die verschwinden. Nicht enden wollende Regenfälle in Sachsen, Brandenburg, Polen und Tschechien.

Klimakollaps: Nehmen Wetterextreme zu?

Vor Grönland bricht ein riesiger Eisberg vom Petermann-Gletscher ab, in Russland toben Jahrhundertfeuer, die weltweiten Messstationen melden Hitzerekorde, und in Pakistan versinken die Menschen in Regenfluten. Lesen Sie zu den Wetterextremen ein Interview mit unserem Klimaexperten Karsten Smid.

Blauer Planet unter Hochdruck: Hausgemachte Wasserkrise ohne Ende

Eine seit mehreren Monaten anhaltende Dürre, Temperaturen von über 40 Celsius, versetzen den subtropischen Staat Honduras in den Wassernotstand. Gerade die Armenviertel der Städte leiden. Der Grundwasserspiegel ist dramatisch gesunken.

Extreme Weltereignisse: Zeichen des Klimawandels?

Das erste Halbjahr 2010 war die wärmste Periode seit 1880, dem Beginn der meteorologischen Aufzeichnungen.

Umwelt noch wichtiger als Wirtschaft

Globale Erwärmung und Treibhauseffekt, schmelzende Polkappen und steigender Meeresspiegel, Trockenheit und Wassermangel: Kaum ein Thema beherrscht die Medien so durchgehend wie die Klimaproblematik.

Welche Emissionen können wir uns noch erlauben, um die globale Erwärmung auf maximal 2°C zu begrenzen?

Dieser Frage gehen Erich Roeckner und seine Koautoren am Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie (MPI-M) in einer jetzt erschienenen Veröffentlichung mit dem Titel „Historical and future anthropogenic emission pathways derived from coupled climate-carbon cycle simulations“ in der Fachzeitschrift „Climatic Change“ nach.


Eisschwund im hohen Norden geht weiter

Nordwestpassage so gut wie offen.

Natürliches Geo-Engineering zur Rettung des Weltklimas

Ständig steigende Energiepreise und ein zusehends anfälligeres Ökosystem verdeutlichen die Notwendigkeit von effizienten Alternativen zu fossilen Brennstoffen.önland

Personalausweis: Experten warnen

The Digital Surveillance State: Vast, Secret, and Dangerous

by Glenn Greenwald

From APFN daily update


FBI Gave Inaccurate Statements on Surveillance

The Dollar's Third and Final Act

Why the US Is Busted


Federal Reserve: Can you protect your endangered dollars?

Downsize DC
by Perry Willis


We think the Fed is moving in the wrong direction. It should be taking steps to protect the value of your dollars. Instead, it remains committed to policies that carry a high risk of future price inflation that could destroy the value of your savings. Please take action to protect yourself. One way to do that is to break the Fed’s monopoly control over what you can use for money by passing Ron Paul’s ‘Free Competition in Currency Act’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Obama: If You Vote for Me, I Will Pay Your Mortgage

with money from other taxpayers

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