Thursday, 2. September 2010

Big Oil Rallies to Save Big Oil

Peak Oil Could Lead to Collapse of Democracy

Center for Biological Diversity: Latest Gulf of Mexico Explosion Again Illustrates Danger of Offshore Drilling, Urgent Need for Moratorium on All Operations

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- Les EHS expulsés ? C/r réuion Direction Générale de la Santé

Vested Interest Drug Authors Insist On Mandated Flu Vaccine

Peering Into The Fog Of War

Mehr als eine halbe Million Rheinland-Pfälzer von Armut bedroht

Evangelischer Pressedienst

Für einen Ein-Personen-Haushalt lag der Grenzwert bei 801 Euro Monatseinkommen, für ein Paar mit zwei Kindern bei 1.683 Euro. Im Vergleich mit den anderen ...

The other ocean catastrophe

Humility in a time of recession

Acton Institute
by Samuel Gregg


Since 2008, there has been much discussion about the contribution of unethical behavior to our present economic circumstances. Whether it was borrowers’ lying on mortgage-applications or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s politically-driven lending policies, there seems to be some consciousness that non-economic factors played a role in facilitating what we already call the Great Recession...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The dishonor of militarism

Future of Freedom Foundation
by Sheldon Richman


What a blown opportunity! Glenn Beck gathered thousands of people at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday to urge a restoration of American honor — but not once did he mention the most egregious assault on America’s honor: militarism. It would have been a perfect time to call for dismantling the American empire, ending the bloody occupations and covert wars in Muslim lands, and terminating the gross violations of the rights of Americans and foreigners alike...

Somebody’s son or daughter is our tragedy

by Philip Giraldi


Abraham Lincoln referred to the ‘terrible arithmetic’ of war, meaning that sometimes a general or statesman would have to accept large numbers of casualties in fighting that would bring the conflict to an end and thereby save even more lives. … We Americans of the twenty-first century are now experiencing our own ‘terrible arithmetic,’ but an arithmetic that goes on and on without end. Worse, we are engaged in several conflicts that have nothing to do with national survival and did not have to be fought...

What is the state of things and where do we go from here?

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Edwin E. Smith


Civil Disobedience … is the only group action that has ever in the history of mankind effected the greatest political change for the least amount of bloodshed. The best example I can think of is the British occupation of India. One simple individual by the name of Mahatma Gandhi never raised a hand against the British occupiers yet his simple refusal, along with millions of followers, to comply with the rules or pay the taxes placed upon them drove the British to eventually give up and go home...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

India Rejects H1N1 Shots After Vaccines Kill Children

Global revolt against dangerous inoculations gathers pace as U.S. health authorities launch flu jab PR machine

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

People in the Indian capital New Delhi have rejected the H1N1 shot en masse following the news that a separate measles inoculation killed four children, as the global revolt against dangerous vaccinations, and specifically the swine flu scam, accelerates even in the face of government PR drives to make people take the combined swine flu/seasonal flu vaccine.

Afghan War Unwinnable Quagmire, Ex-CIA Man Says

US Treasuries the 'Mother of All Bubbles'

Rounding Up the Culprits of Rising Prices

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