Don’t Bomb Iran

The wages of consensus

by Norman Solomon


In MoveOn's mass email letter, the only reference to a non-nuclear attack on Iran came in a solitary sentence without any followup: 'Even a conventional attack would likely be a disaster.' ... 'Likely' be a disaster? Is there any U.S. military attack on Iran that plausibly would not be a disaster? ... Will those who put out MoveOn's email alerts and green light its advertising campaigns eventually use some of the group's resources to promote opposition to any and all bombing of Iran? It's probably a matter of time -- but every day of holding back from engaging in solid unambiguous opposition to any military attack on Iran is a day lost that can never be regained. ... There are significant efforts underway to utilize the Internet as part of efforts to prevent any attack on Iran. For example, as part of broader organizing campaigns, a coalition of groups has begun a Don’t Attack Iran petition. And TrueMajority is promoting an equally valuable Don’t Bomb Iran petition...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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