Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush



An Interview With John Dean

Matthew Rothschild interviews John Dean, Nixon's former White House counsel for three years who later testified against him. He is the author, most recently, of "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush." On March 31, Dean testified in favor of Senator Russ Feingold's censure bill.



INTERVIEW: John Dean says impeachment 'not out of the question' but 'I fear for the system'

[On Saturday, the *Progressive* published an interview, conducted on Apr. 28, with John Dean, who recently published *Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush*.[1] -- Dean discusses the character of Richard Nixon, and analyzes where power lies in the White House. -- He says he fears the U.S. government: "I don’t frighten easily, but I find it frightening because Dick Cheney knows no limits. The only person he reports to is George Bush. He works behind closed doors. And I know, from little tidbits I’m picking up from friends who have to be careful not to speak out of school, that there’s more probably more covert activity going on, both abroad and maybe here in the United States, than in decades because of this so-called war on terror. . . . I fear for the system. And I fear for our liberties. Only a small group of people fights for our liberties. Once we start on the slippery slope and those people are put in jeopardy, then we’re really in trouble." --Mark]


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John Edwards: Bush Worse Than Nixon

Senator John Edwards finds George W. Bush as the "worst president of our lifetime." The former presidential and vice presidential contender said of Bush, "He's done a variety of things - things which are going to take us forever to recover from."



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