Signs of an Emerging Police State

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

As with the "war on drugs," President Bush's "war on terror" is the cornerstone doctrine which allows the executive branch of the federal government to run roughshod over the Constitution and individual liberty....


Police State USA

Libertarian News Examiner
by Garry Reed


Seventy-eight year old veteran libertarian, Fully Informed Jury Association activist and indefatigable freedom campaigner Julian Heicklen released his jailhouse journal to his fellow Tyranny Fighters on Tuesday. Heicklen was arrested on May 25 for committing the crime of standing on public property in front of the US District Courthouse in Manhattan while peacefully giving jury rights information to individuals, sent to jail for 18 Days in New York City’s notorious Riker’s Island, and then released ‘in the interest of justice.’ Following are just a few outtakes from his journal...

Revitalizing America

Liberty & Power
by Charles W. Nuckolls


Anthropologists, like Peter Worsley, termed a ‘revitalization movement’ the attempt to restore, by ritual means, an imagined lost of age of abundance. The Seneca rel[i]gion of Handsome Lake; the Sioux ghost dance; the Melanesian cargo cults: all examples of societies near collapse making a last ditch effort through fantasy to reverse the decline reality had in store for them. One sees the same thing in the United States today in our increasingly furtive efforts to breath life back into the American Dream — a dream based on perpetual growth and unlimited, cheap fossil fuel...

Subtle modern tyranny at work

Fr33 Agents
by Szandor Blestman


The quest for freedom is worldwide. People have been tyrannized for too long and wish relief from such tyranny that freedom would provide. Governments wish to maintain their power and control over the common folk and continue striving to keep them down and obedient in any way possible. In some countries, particularly those of lesser means, governments brutalize their citizens without a qualm. There is a multitude of examples of this happening throughout history, but these governments continue such practices even in modern times. More ‘civilized’ countries, such as those we in the Western world reside in, use far more subtle means to apply their tyranny...

Build a monument to liberty

Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner
by Kent McManigal


One big monument, ‘Liberty Enlightening the World,’ or ‘The Statue of Liberty,’ was built without theft, to celebrate something actually worth celebrating. Of course, it was then stolen by government and turned into a parody of itself. Unfortunately, it is now a ‘liberty-free zone’ all its own, due to the policies of the government that confiscated it. The same could be said about The Liberty Bell, which is held hostage in the statist ‘paradise’ of Philadelphia...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?

Ending Tyranny Without Violence

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