Consequences for Gaza flotilla 'mistake'

Turkey president: Israel will suffer consequences for Gaza flotilla 'mistake'

Abdullah Gul: 21 of 22 nations at regional summit condemn Israel over deaths of Turkish activists aboard Gaza aid ship last week.

Photos show Mavi Marmara passengers protecting, aiding Israeli soldiers

Captured, disarmed hijackers did not face "lynching" as Israel claimed.

Images of Victims after the Israeli Attack on the Turkish Gaza Aid Ship

Published for the First Time

We Bought The Bullets

The bullets used to kill 19-year-old Furkan Dogan, a Turkish-American college student born in Troy, New York, were fired by soldiers in a foreign army -- but they were paid for with money extorted from U.S. taxpayers.

Buys Congress

Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2010 Congressional Candidates.

Turkey-US ties face 'breaking point' over vote

The turbulent relationship between the US and Turkey - allies for more than half a century - is about to reach a decisive moment when the United Nations Security Council votes on whether to tighten sanctions on Iran.

U.S. accused of Iran 'siege'

An Azerbaijan politician claims the United States plans to deploy forces in Armenia near the Iranian border under cover of U.N. peacekeeping force.

Where is the American Freedom Flotilla?

By Dr. Sama Adnan

Reacting to the complicity of their governments, the European Freedom Flotilla took the initiative to shed light on Israel's policies in the occupied territories. The American peace movement should emulate their success by setting its Freedom Flotilla a-sail.


Israeli soldiers killing Furkan Dogan 19 years.

Uzi Dayan: Israel Must Announce Turkish Warships Casus Beli

By JPost

Israel must send Turkey a clear message that if Turkish warships are sent to accompany the next flotilla trying to break the embargo on Gaza, these will be considered acts of war by Israel , Uzi Dayan, former deputy Chief of General Staff, told Army Radio Monday morning.

Shocking Testimonials from the Mavi Marmara survivors. And one Israeli fembot

by Lauren Booth

'Arrest me, I'm a terrorist'

Responding to US Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) call for the arrest and prosecution of "any US citizens who were aboard or involved with the Freedom Flotilla," several American activists "turned themselves in" Thursday - at Sherman's office.

Jonathan Turley: Hoax

Video Showing Heavy Weapons Discovered on Mavi Marmara is a Fraud.

Gaza Blockade Illegal: International Committee of the Red Cross

By Al-Jazeera

In a statement released on Monday, the organisation called the blockade "collective punishment", a crime under international law.

Turkey: We'll review Israel ties unless international Gaza flotilla probe held

Abbas echoes Turkey remarks that investigation falls short of UN demands, reiterates call to lift Gaza siege.

Bloody Sunday, Bloody Monday

By David Halpin FRCS

Crime requires investigation, indictment and trial. The Turkish government have jurisdiction in this massacre. But Israel demands that the inquiry is kept in its safe hands.

Phantom Iranian Ship sails for Gaza

By Mike Whitney

Why are members of the western media saying that an Iranian ship is on its way to Gaza? Is it just an innocent mistake or is there something more sinister involved?

End the siege of Gaza now, EU says

At a meeting on Monday, the European Union Foreign Affairs Committee issued a statement saying, "The continued policy of closure is unacceptable and politically counterproductive".

UN calls for Israel to change policy in Gaza Strip

'The situation in Gaza is unsustainable and the current policy is unacceptable and counter-productive, and requires a different, more positive strategy,' Serry said during a UN Security Council session on the Middle East.

UN seeks international Gaza flotilla probe, despite internal Israeli (whitewash) inquiry

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is moving forward with plans to form an internationally sanctioned investigative forum to probe the deadly events.

Amnesty International Criticizes the Israel Gaza Commission over Transparency and Accountability

"The Commission looks to be neither independent nor sufficiently transparent, the two international observers may be denied access to crucial information, and the Commission's findings may not be used in future prosecutions."

Partner in flotilla 'farce'

There hasn't been a murmur of protest from Canada over the Israeli seizure of a Turkish ship in international waters late last month, and the shocking killing of nine peace activists on board.

Israel to UN: We reserve the right to stop Lebanon Gaza-bound flotilla

Lebanon aid ship Miriam to set sail to Gaza Sunday; Israel's UN envoy says Israel will use all necessary means to prevent ships from violating the naval blockade on Gaza.

Israel bars German minister from Gaza

'Sometimes the Israeli government does not make it easy for its friends to explain why it behaves the way it does,' says aid minister Dirk Niebel.

Turkey threatens diplomatic break with Israel over raid

Turkey's foreign minister said a break could only be averted if Israel either apologised or accepted the outcome of an international inquiry into the raid. The Israeli government said it had nothing to apologise for.

From Information Clearing House


The real threat aboard the Freedom Flotilla

In These Times
by Noam Chomsky


Israel’s violent attack on the Freedom Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza shocked the world. Hijacking boats in international waters and killing passengers is, of course, a serious crime. But the crime is nothing new. For decades, Israel has been hijacking boats between Cyprus and Lebanon and killing or kidnapping passengers, sometimes holding them hostage in Israeli prisons. Israel assumes that it can commit such crimes with impunity because the United States tolerates them and Europe generally follows the U.S.’s lead...

The flotilla massacre: Historical perspective, aftermath and implications

Freedom's Phoenix
by Stephen Lendman


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


USS Liberty survivor on Gaza relief ship


Israeli Document: Gaza Blockade Isn't About Security

New Video Smuggled Out From Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla


Worse Than a Crime – a Mistake



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