Another Attempt to Take Over Cyberspace

by John Trinckes


New Bill Gives Obama 'Kill Switch' To Shut Down The Internet

Government would have "absolute power" to seize control of the world wide web under Lieberman legislation

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The federal government would have “absolute power” to shut down the Internet under the terms of a new US Senate bill being pushed by Joe Lieberman, legislation which would hand President Obama a figurative “kill switch” to seize control of the world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

TSA To Block Websites With "Controversial Opinions"

Move to shut down free speech on the Internet accelerates

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, July 5, 2010

The Transportation Security Administration will block all websites that contain "controversial opinion" from its federal computers in the latest example of how Internet censorship is expanding in both the private and public sector as the federal government prepares to push through a power grab that will empower President Obama to shut down the world wide web with an emergency decree.

The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet

Global move to mimic the Chinese model of web censorship and regulation is coming to America

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Type the keywords “Internet censorship” into Google News and you will immediately understand to what degree the world wide web is under assault from attempts by governments globally to regulate and stifle free speech. From Australia to Belarus, from Turkey to Vietnam, from Pakistan to Egypt, from Afghanistan to Iran, huge chunks of the Internet are going dark as the Chinese model of Internet regulation is adopted worldwide.


Internet 'kill switch' proposed for US

A new US Senate Bill would grant the President far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of, or even shut down, portions of the internet.

The Fate of the Internet, Decided in a Back Room

The Wall Street Journal just reported that the Federal Communications Commission is holding "closed-door meetings"with industry to broker a deal on Net Neutrality - the rule that lets users determine their own Internet experience. Given that the corporations at the table all profit from gaining control over information, the outcome won't be pretty.

Obama Internet kill switch plan approved by US Senate

A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack.

The Devil Is In The Details: Department of Howeland Security Monitoring Web

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said that in the future there will be "increased" Internet monitoring of U.S. citizens due to the dangers of homegrown terrorism. Napolitano remarked on how "wrong" it is to believe that if "security" is embraced, that liberty will be sacrificed.

From Information Clearing House


FCC moves to seize control of Internet

Los Angeles Times


The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to start the controversial process of reclassifying high-speed Internet access to give the agency more authority over service providers to prevent disparate treatment of customers. The commission voted 3-2 along party lines to put out for public comment a new regulatory framework, dubbed the Third Way, that would make Internet service providers subject to some of the same nondiscrimination rules that apply to telephone companies...

Engulfing the Internet

The American Spectator
by The Prowler


Despite opposition by a House of Representatives majority and a bipartisan group of Senators, the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday is expected to proceed with plans to impose federal government regulation of the Internet, which would essentially treat broadband networks — and the companies that invested more than $200 billion in private capital to deploy them — as utilities...

Kill the “kill switch”

by Justin Raimondo


Who else but Joe Lieberman would introduce a bill to give the President the power to shut down the Internet with the flick of a switch? I’m afraid of the answer to that question, and you should be, too. However, it’s hardly surprising America’s premier authoritarian warmonger — author of a bill that would strip American citizenship from anyone even vaguely suspected of ‘terrorism’ — would come up with a scheme like this. … This bill is the culmination of years of yelping about the likelihood of a ‘cyber-9/11,’ a devastating attack on the national infrastructure via the Internet. If such an event is so likely, then why hasn’t it happened already? Because the likelihood of it ever happening is nearly nil...

Obama’s online power play

Nolan Chart
by Alexander Massa


The march of the police state goes on tonight, as the President and Homeland Security Chief Napolitano openly speak of shutting down the internet or severely censoring it for, of course, as always, national security concerns. While our elected leaders ponder taking us down the same road Communist China took concerning the internet and the online activities of its citizens, our fellow citizens, as ignorant as ever, sit idly by while their liberties are usurped and subjugated to the all-powerful ideal of ‘national security’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Giving Obama dictatorial control over the internet

A ‘Kill Switch’ for the State


US wants free access to your PC


The European Parliament wants to take away the right to search the Internet in privacy


The Internet Must Remain Free

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

The Internet is abuzz with news that a US Senate committee has approved a bill that apparently gives the President authority to shut down the Internet. According to, "A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack." The report continues by saying.......


How the TeleCom Industry Plans to Take Over the Internet in Four Easy Steps

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