Oceans' demise near irreversible: Moving toward the tipping point

A sobering new report warns that oceans face a "fundamental and irreversible ecological transformation" not seen in millions of years as greenhouse gases and climate change already have affected temperature, acidity, sea and oxygen levels, the food chain and possibly major currents that could alter global weather.


Global emissions targets will lead to 4C temperature rise, say studies

Studies predict major extinctions and collapse of Greenland ice sheet with temperatures rising well above UN targets.


Despite Pledge to Curtail Corporate Earmarks, Politicians Pursue Them

Some Members of Congress Funnel Tax Dollars for Businesses Through Universities and Nonprofits.


Greenland Ice Sheet Faces 'Tipping Point in 10 Years'

Scientists warn that temperature rise of between 2C and 7C would cause ice to melt, resulting in 23ft rise in sea level.


From Information Clearing House


'Worse Than Rainforest Loss': New Data on Our Dying Oceans


Is ocean life being wiped out?


Greenland Ice Sheet Faces 'Tipping Point in 10 Years'


Giant iceberg in North Sea a drifting menace

Arizona Republic


An island of ice more than four times the size of Manhattan is drifting across the Arctic Ocean after breaking off from a glacier in Greenland. Potentially in the path of this unstoppable giant are oil platforms and shipping lanes, and any collision could do untold damage. In a worst-case scenario, large chunks could reach the heavily trafficked waters where another Greenland iceberg sank the Titanic in 1912. It has been a summer of nearly biblical climatic havoc across the planet, with wildfires, heat and smog in Russia and killer floods in Asia. But the moment the Petermann glacier cracked last week, creating the biggest Arctic ice island in half a century, may symbolize a warming world like no other...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Rights of Earth and All it’s Creatures to Ecological Self-Defense


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