WikiLeaks Iraq Cache More Than Three Times As Big

The cache of classified U.S. military reports on the Iraq War as yet unreleased by WikiLeaks may be more than three times as large as the set of roughly 76,000 similar reports on the war in Afghanistan made public by the whistle-blower Web site earlier this week, Declassified has learned.

Leaks reveal 'friendly fire' deaths

Wikileaks documents suggest that four Canadian soldiers who died in 2006 were actually killed when a US jet dropped a bomb on a building they were occupying.

From Information Clearing House


National insecurity complex

by Dave Lindorff


The White House’s initial response to the release of 92,000 pages of raw reports from the field by US forces in Afghanistan for a period from 2004-2009 — that it was a threat to national security and to the lives of American troops — was as predictable as it was farcical. These documents didn’t reveal anything new to America’s enemies in Afghanistan or Pakistan. … No, what the release of these documents threaten is the huge almost decade-long lie that both the last administration of President George W. Bush, and the current administration of Barack Obama have been putting out, that the US is engaged in a ‘good war,’ trying to defeat ‘terrorists’ and establish a democratic government in Afghanistan...

This week in Change

by Glenn Greenwald


[A]s was painfully predictable and predicted, the bulk of political discussion in the wake of the WikiLeaks disclosures focuses not on our failing, sagging, pointless, civilian-massacring, soon-to-be-decade-old war, but rather on the Treasonous Evil of WikiLeaks for informing the American people about what their war entails. While it’s true that WikiLeaks should have been much more careful in redacting the names of Afghan sources, watching Endless War Supporters prance around with righteous concern for Afghan lives being endangered by the leak is really too absurd to bear. You know what endangers innocent Afghan lives? Ten years of bombings, checkpoint shootings, due-process-free hit squads, air attacks, drones, night raids on homes, etc. etc. ...

Why we need WikiLeaks

by Justin Raimondo


The reaction to the Wikileaks exposure of US war crimes — and Afghan corruption — has been quite interesting: the President responded by averring that there’s nothing new here, that ‘the fact is these documents do not reveal any issues that have not already informed our public debate on Afghanistan,’ but the facts are quite different, as anyone who peruses even a small sampling of the documents – such as is offered by the Guardian via a convenient interactive map — can readily ascertain. After all, the public debate was certainly not informed of the existence of ‘Task Force 373,’ an American assassination squad that roams the Afghan countryside wreaking murder and mayhem at Washington’s direction — and that killed seven children, as revealed by the Wikileaks document dump, in a strike at a supposed terrorist compound. And the public was definitely not informed that US intelligence had picked up evidence of Osama bin Laden’s personal participation in a series of meetings on the Afghan-Pakistan border as late as 2006, as revealed in the documents. Certainly the public debate could have been better informed if Leon Panetta’s interlocutor could have asked him about that when the CIA director, in a recent televised interview, denied having received any new information as to bin Laden’s whereabouts ‘in years’...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Top Democrats Pressure White House Over WikiLeaks Revelations

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "The Afghan war is coming under renewed scrutiny as web surfers across the world browse through the bloody battle scenes and military follies described in the thousands of classified military reports released by WikiLeaks, and now top Democrats are finally expressing concerns over the longevity of a war that has dragged on for nearly a decade."

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