Afghanistan and the "Sacrifice Trap"

Simon Moyle, Waging Nonviolence: "The last month has seen six Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, bringing our country's total to seventeen. Yet even with a federal election looming and 61 percent of Australians wanting troops brought home, our involvement in the war has bipartisan support. In fact, far from raising questions over our mission there, these deaths seem to only strengthen the government's resolve to remain. The same seems to be true of the U.S. and many other NATO countries."

The War on Terror: Beyond the Military

Lt. Col. Barry Wingard, Truthout: "We certainly cannot expect to defeat terrorism when the War on Terror itself creates indifference and fosters misunderstanding among our own citizens. In America, we now accept secrecy in this War on Terror as common, acceptable and subject only to the amount of scrutiny that shadowy operatives in the government deem appropriate for disclosure. In America, the War on Terror has become a subjective 'us' versus 'them' battle that serves to advance stereotypes based upon who we believe we are as Americans and who, or what, we perceive them to be."


Americans should be asked to sacrifice for the war on terrorism. But sacrifice what?

The New Republic
by Andrew J. Bacevich


Typically, this sort of question serves as a prelude to an appeal to restore the draft. Yet when it comes to sacrifice, there’s a more immediately available option. Hit Americans where it hurts: in their pocketbooks. If Iraq (Bush’s War) and Afghanistan (Obama’s War) are so all-fired important, then we ought to be funding those conflicts on a pay-as-you-go basis. After September 11, the Bush administration employed tax cuts to purchase popular acquiescence in its plan for open-ended war. Using borrowed money to underwrite the global war on terrorism has freed the present generation from any obligation to cover the financial costs incurred. It’s not our problem...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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