Mosque Debate Fuels Islamophobia Nationwide

Anti-Defamers Defame Muslims

New York Mosque: Bigotry Rears Its Head

Beware of Mosque-Building Muslims

Cordoba House: The Acid Test


Cossacks in tricorns

Unqualified Offerings
by Jim Henley


[T]the Right’s anti-Muslim crusade has already moved past ’sentiment’ even if you don’t count waging war on Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and pushing war against Iran as ‘anti-Muslim.’ (Since, after all, when we wage war on someone it’s for their own good.) But the national campaign against building an Islamic cultural center in lower Manhattan and the separate attempts to stop the construction of Mosques and other Muslim buildings elsewhere in the country already constitute an active program of religious oppression...

My shameful take on the mosque

Liberty For All
by John Jay Myers


I called this ‘My shameful take on the Mosque’, because I believe our country has much more important things to worry about than destroying property rights and freedom of religion. I have noticed that every time election time comes around the media pulls out all the truly divisive issues in our culture. This is a shame. It is a shame that I have to defend the basic principles of our country in this day and age. Possibly more shameful that I have to do it to combat rhetoric from my peers...

The War Party’s new torchlight parade

Pro Libertate
by Will Grigg


The most powerful patron of radical Islam is not Iran, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia. It is the government headquartered in Washington, D.C., which for more than a half-century has diligently cultivated Islamic terrorism. Yet millions of Americans are suffering what amounts to a collective loss of bladder control over the purported threat embodied in the proposed Cordoba House — the Islamic equivalent of a YMCA — in New York City...

A manufactured controversy

by Anthony DiMaggio


The reactionary right has long been opposed to anything related to Arab culture and the Muslim religion in New York and around the country. … This brings us to the most recent ‘controversy’ related to Islam: the Muslim community center planned for Manhattan. Right wingers in radio and at Fox News have gone into overdrive attacking it as a fundamental threat to the American way of life and to American security...

What political courage looks like

by Glenn Greenwald


Aside from Michael Bloomberg’s impassioned, principled speech in defense of Park 51 — and, if one wants to be generous about it, Barack Obama’s initial, voluntary defense of the religious freedom values at stake — there have been very few commendable acts in this dispute. Until now. The developer of the project, Sharif El-Gamal, gave his first interview this afternoon, with NY 1, and categorically refused even to consider backing down. He made clear that Park 51 has the absolute constitutional right to build a community center in Lower Manhattan, and refused even to acknowledge the toxic notion that Muslims generally somehow bear responsibility for the 9/11 attack...

Why opponents of the non-Ground-Zero non-mosque are tools for al-Qaeda

Austro-Athenian Empire
by Roderick T. Long


Al-Qaeda seeks to combat the idea that people of different religions can live harmoniously together in the same society. The anti-mosqueteers are certainly doing their best to combat this idea as well. Al-Qaeda seeks to subordinate private property rights to religious law. This is exactly what the anti-mosqueteers do when they declare other people’s property ’sacred ground’ and propose on this basis to interfere with their peaceful use of it...

Chronology of a bizarre controversy

by Gary Leupp


Thus by mid-August a modest project by a mainstream U.S. Muslim group backed by the New York City mayor and unanimously approved by the New York City community committee has been transformed into a general attack on Muslim rights in this country. The scary thing is that disapproval is so widespread, bipartisan, and driven by irrational fear if not hatred. What does this tell us about this country? It tells us that nine years after 9-11 (and nice centuries after the First Crusade), Islamophobia is rampant and politically useful...

Mosque criticism sheds bad light on America

Freedom Politics
by Thomas J. Lucente Jr.


Let them build the ‘mosque.’ Whining over the building of a $100 million Islamic cultural center — known officially as Park51 and informally as Cordoba House — just blocks away from where the World Trade Center towers once stood before being destroyed by Islamic terrorists nine years ago is the perfect example of why I gladly became a libertarian...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Defending the Mosque

Joe Conason, Truthout: "No recent controversy has so plainly revealed the hollow values of the American right than the effort to prevent the construction of a community center in Lower Manhattan because it will include a mosque. Arguments in opposition range from a professed concern for the sensitivities of the Sept. 11 victims' families to a primitive battle cry against Islam - but what they all share is an arrant disregard for our country's founding principles."

Mosque Mania: Anti-Muslim Fears and the Far Right

Stephan Salisbury, TomDispatch: "There is a distinct creepiness to the controversy now raging around a proposed Islamic cultural center in Lower Manhattan. The angry 'debate' over whether the building should exist has a kind of glitch-in-the-Matrix feel to it, leaving in its wake an aura of something-very-bad-about-to-happen."

Pandering Over a Mosque

Eugene Robinson: "Lies, distortions, jingoism, xenophobia - another day, another campaign issue that Republicans can use to bash President Obama and the Democrats. First it was illegal immigration. Now it's the so-called 'Ground Zero mosque,' which is not at all what its opponents claim."

Ground Zero for Tolerance

Robert Scheer, Truthdig: "Are the Republicans terminally stupid, or are they just playing the dangerous fool? In either case, the irrational attack on Muslims everywhere by the GOP's leadership is not only deeply subversive with regard to the American ideal of religious tolerance but also poses a profound threat to our national security. Nor does it help that some top Democrats, like Harry Reid, are willing to demean Muslims even as we fight two wars in which victory depends on our ability to convey a respect for their religion."

Mosques, Muslims and America in Darkness

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: "Things have come to a pretty pass when I'm the guy saying it would be really helpful if George W. Bush were still around. I'm saying it, and I mean it, because this country could really use his brand of wisdom right now."


Opponents fight new mosques in U.S. heartland

Muslims trying to build houses of worship in the nation's heartland, far from the heated fight in New York over plans for a mosque near the World Trade Center site, are running into opponents even more hostile and aggressive.

Mosque Debate: Keith Ellison 'Gets It,' While Harry Reid Gets In the Way

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison did a terrific job of explaining Monday why Democrats ought not fear the sad little debate about whether to allow a moderate Muslim group to build an Islamic Center near the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Muslim Community Center

Keith Olbermann - Special Comment


Keith Olbermann's Special Comment about the Muslim Community Center in New York, erroneously called the "Ground Zero Mosque".

America Has Disgraced Itself

By Peter Beinart

Conservative fury over the "ground zero" mosque shows that when it comes to the battle for freedom and religious liberty, the U.S. has thrown in the towel.

It's Not About The "Mosque"! It's America's War On "the Other."

By Will Bunch

This country has long had its Know-Nothings and its Birchers and its McCarthyites, but it never had gizmos like Fox News or Sarah Palin's Twitter feed to fuel toxic ideas so far so fast. It's time we admit these seemingly disconnected battles over "anchor babies, mosques, and a black man in the Oval Office are all part of the same war against "the Other," and that we are in the fight of a lifetime.

From Information Clearing House


Manhattan Mosque Debate Fuels Islamophobia Nationwide

Pro-Mosque Mom Who Lost Pregnant Daughter In Trade Center: 9/11 Families 'Not Monolithic'

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