WikiLeaks Set To Publish New Documents


WikiLeaks to publish new documents

ABC News


The online whistle-blower WikiLeaks said it will continue to publish more secret files from governments around the world despite U.S. demands to cancel plans to release classified military documents. ‘I can assure you that we will keep publishing documents — that’s what we do,’ a WikiLeaks spokesman, who says he goes by the name Daniel Schmitt in order to protect his identity, told The Associated Press in an interview Saturday...

The information war

by Justin Raimondo


No doubt the WikiLeaks furor will give a big boost to the currently fashionable area of ‘cyber warfare,’ to which billions of our tax dollars are being diverted. As Obama’s right hand man, Rahm Emanuel, reminded us, every crisis is an opportunity to expand the power and reach of the State. Yet our government’s cyber-wars will no doubt prove even less successful than their current ‘real world’ failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. After all, these are the same folks who still don’t have an integrated anti-terrorist database...

Gandalf and Wikileaks

Unqualified Offerings
by Thoreau


Hearing that WikiLeaks may be undermining a war effort does not make me upset. It makes me happy. There’s nothing more Christian than interfering with efforts to kill lots and lots of people. For that matter, there’s nothing more libertarian than interfering with efforts to kill lots and lots of people. So you’ll hear no wailing and gnashing of teeth from me if WikiLeaks undermines a war effort. However, I am disturbed to hear that WikiLeaks is compromising the identities of informants...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Between the Bomb and the Burqa

Yana Kunichoff and Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "An internal Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) document released by WikiLeaks in March reveals a secret plan to use the plight of Afghan women and refugees in developing media strategies to 'leverage French (and other European) guilt' during an especially bloody summer of military escalation. The confidential document was prepared by the Red Cell, a secretive group that consults the US intelligence community."

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