Victory in Iraq: Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq?

Gates: Iraq occupation could go on, if we're asked to stay

Robert Gates told reporters on Wednesday that by the end of the month, approximately 50,000 U.S. soldiers will remain in Iraq. Those forces, he said, would be fully withdrawn by the end of 2011. Unless, that is, they're asked to stay.

Victory in Iraq

By Thomas DiLorenzo

King Obama has announced that he is pulling all combat troops out of Iraq, but 50,000 will remain there. Of course, all troops are trained for combat; calling them "non-combat support personnel" is simply B.S.

Petraeus Says, 'We Are Not Leaving'

Interview with Katie Couric

"Well, first of all we are not leaving," Gen. Petraeus replied. "There are 50,000 U.S. troops that are remaining in Iraq albeit in a support role rather than a leading combat role. But that's an enormous capability."

Last of the Combat Troops Leaving Iraq? Only in your Dreams

By Bill Noxid

So there are no delusions of the reality we have left for the Iraqi people, please watch the short videos.

Despite new mission, US troops still in the fight in Iraq

The US troops "will continue to conduct partnered counter-terrorism operations" in an effort "to help Iraqi security forces maintain pressure on the extremist networks and protect the citizens of Iraq," Major Christopher Perrine told AFP.

Withdrawal Reports Anger Families and Soldiers Fighting in Iraq

Recent reports have been touting the end of combat operations in Iraq, saying the last of the combat troops have left, but the reports are angering some of the tens of thousands of troops who are still there and will remain there.

Not the End: What about the 50,000 troops who are staying behind?

They didn't exactly send their M-16s and sidearms out with that Stryker brigade. And they're not going to transform themselves into the Peace Corps overnight. In truth, the last combat unit leaving Iraq is really a nonevent.

Up to 7K U.S. Contractors For Iraq

Only 50,000 American soldiers are to remain in the country : The officials who spoke to The Times, on condition of anonymity, said that as the Pentagon pulls out of Iraq, the State Department is going in -- in force.

From Information Clearing House


Some US Troops Out of Iraq, More Mercenaries to Go In

Iraq Debacle Coalition: The Iraq Debacle: The Legacy of Seven Years of War

CODEPINK: Peace Movement Responds to "Iraq Troop Withdrawal": the Iraq Debacle Is Not Over

US Iraq Troop Withdrawal 'In Name Only' As Country Faces Uncertain Future


All lies, all the time

by Justin Raimondo

I had to laugh when I saw the headline on ‘US Announces Second Fake End to Iraq War.’ Yes, I did indeed get a rush of deja-vu as I listened to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow solemnly describe ‘the end’ of the ‘combat mission’ in Iraq, and Richard Engel pontificate as the cameras zoomed in on the ‘last’ convoy over the border to Kuwait. Occasionally, however, reality would intrude, as Rachel noted the broadcast could be interrupted at any time by a sudden attack, and there would be no time to explain to viewers what was happening. It was Olbermann who openly referred to Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment, and wondered if perhaps this wasn’t a re-run: I’ll bet he got in plenty of trouble for that little crack...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


US hopes mercenary force keeps lid on Iraq as bulk of forces leaves

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