None Dare Call It Tyranny

Racketeers for Capitalism

By Cindy Sheehan

The Empire preys on our kids using all the tools at its disposal: Economic panic, high college tuition, high unemployment and a mythology that the U.S. has some existential right to steal the resources of other nations.

A Mutant Form of Capitalism


An animated interview of John Perkins, author of 'HoodWinked' and 'Confessions Of An Economic Hitman'

America's Biggest Jobs Program - the U.S. Military

By Robert Reich

America's biggest - and only major - jobs program is the U.S. military. Over 1,400,000 Americans are now on active duty; another 833,000 are in the reserves, many full time. Another 1,600,000 Americans work in companies that supply the military with everything from weapons to utensils. (I'm not even including all the foreign contractors employing non-US citizens.)

None Dare Call It Tyranny

By Sheldon Richman

The national government - specifically the executive branch - can do pretty much what it wants. It could bomb Iran tomorrow without a declaration of war from Congress. It can - and does - conduct secret wars and covert operations against countries that have done nothing to us.

Dismantling America

By Thomas Sowell

The Constitution was not only a challenge to the despotic governments of its time, but has been a continuing challenge - to this day - to all those who think that ordinary people should be ruled by their betters, whether an elite of blood, or of books, or of whatever else gives people a puffed-up sense of importance.

Understanding America's Class System

Honk If You Love Caviar

By Joe Bageant

America has always had a ruling class, and it has always bullshitted the world that it doesn't. But at least the ruling class of the past was interesting and varied, because diverse sorts of Americans were getting rich.

Deceptive Economic Statistics

While the economists lied the US economy died

By Paul Craig Roberts

Right now, if measured according to the methodology of 1980, the US unemployment rate is about 22%. Thus, the reported rate of unemployment hides more than half of the unemployed.


Overthrowing the Liars

Lies and Unction


Death and Joblessness: How Suicide Dogs the Long-Term Unemployed

America's Propensity for Paranoia


America has fallen … and can’t get up!

Freedom's Phoenix
by David McElroy


America has fallen … and can’t get up. The wolves of Wall Street are picking her bones. Many wait, with baited breath, for the fat lady to sing. Face it folks, America is no longer the sweet land of liberty. It has become the land of the fee and home of the slave. How the mighty have fallen! How?

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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