I once loved America, whether it existed or not

by Wendy McElroy


[M]y father wouldn’t stand much of a chance in today’s America. He was a good, kind man who was honest and hard-working to the bone. He would have reacted to the thieving tax-whores by working harder and dying even younger because I don’t think he would have believed that the basic concept of fairness had fled the Continent. He would have kept voting different people into the same positions of privilege in the hope that ‘the little guy’ still made a difference. He would keep telling his children to study hard and obey the law because, if you do, then anything is possible to you. He wouldn’t have believed the con job and scam that society has become; he wouldn’t believe that those who work hard and come home after ten or twelve hours days, as he did, are now the chumps of the world. Working hard and being honest now makes you a fool who is willing to die young so that thieves may prosper at your children’s expense...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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