USA-Made Mess in Iraq: Sanctions, Invasion, Occupation


Obama says 'combat mission has ended' in Iraq, insurgents say 'nothing has changed'

Iraq war revisionism at the New York Times


The Speech President Obama Should Give About the Iraq War (But Won’t)

A Trillion-Dollar Catastrophe. Yes, Iraq Was a Headline War

What Obama Won't Say Tonight

CODEPINK: The Iraq Debacle Is Not Over, Women Speaking Out Against Continued Presence in Iraq


Media Manipulates the "End" of the War in Iraq

Michael Corcoran, Truthout: "Just as the media lied to help us get into a war, they are now lying us out of one. In the introduction to season five of HBO's critically acclaimed series, 'The Wire,' Det. Bunk Moreland and fellow murder investigators laughed as they duped a hapless, young street gangster into confessing to a murder by pretending a copy machine was a polygraph test. 'The bigger the lie, the more they believe,' he said. The statement reflects the political dialogue in this country perfectly over the last month, ever since Barack Obama touted the troop drawdown in Iraq in an August 2 speech in Atlanta and leading up to tonight's Oval Address celebrating the 'end of combat operations in Iraq.'"

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