Come home America

by Justin Raimondo


Politically, as well as economically, the Afghan war is increasingly unsustainable, and Obama appears to realize this: thus his defensive rhetoric and the waving of the bloody shirt. That’s always the War Party’s argument of last resort. Yet polls show it isn’t working all that well, and the President rightly fears a rebellion by the voters: he’s already seeing a revolt against his domestic policies by the tea partiers, and the Democrats are down by a whopping 10 percent in the polls. What if Americans wake up to the fact that not only are our own banksters being bailed out, but so are Afghanistan’s?

The American people and the politics of American identity

The Fly Bottle
by Will Wilkinson


There are multiple conceptions of American creed equally consistent with American history. That’s why movements to glorify, elevate, and honor a particular conception of American identity based on a particular conception of the American creed necessarily marginalize equally or more historically plausible conceptions and therefore tend to suggest that citizens who favor those conceptions are less or even un-American. It seems pretty clear to me that this is exactly how the conservative politics of American identity works...

Don’t just turn the page, close the book on the Iraq war

Liberty For All
by Wrights 2012 staff


It’s time do more than just ‘turn the page’ on America’s foreign wars. We should close the book and put it pack on the shelf, said potential Libertarian presidential candidate R. Lee Wrights in response to President Obama’s address to the nation Tuesday night. ‘President Obama said he was announcing that ‘the American combat mission in Iraq’ has ended and that it was time to ‘turn the page’ on a ‘remarkable chapter in American history,’ Wrights said. ‘It is time to do more than just turn the page. It is time to close the book of war, put it back on the shelf, and never refer to it again’...

The war’s end

The American Prospect
by Matthew Yglesias


America’s military misadventure in Iraq comes to an end this week, with Tuesday’s official declaration of an end to combat operations and a handover of authority to the Iraqi government. It’s a strange end — neither victory nor defeat — to a war made all the stranger since it’s not entirely clear what’s ending here. … it’s also a clear demonstration of the fact that the Obama administration’s policy of disengagement has succeeded as spectacularly as the Bush administration’s policy of invasion failed. And it’s important to recall the scope of that failure. The war was initially framed primarily in terms of the need to halt an Iraqi nuclear-weapons program that didn’t exist...

Assessing the Iraq war

Independent Institute
by Ivan Eland


As President Obama gave a self-congratulatory speech about keeping his campaign promise to remove U.S. combat forces from Iraq by the end of August, he accomplished this feat by merely redefining the mission of the 50,000 combat-trained U.S. forces remaining there to ‘advising and assisting’ Iraqi forces. Of course, this really means that we are not out of the woods yet in that fractured and violence-prone country...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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