Tuesday, 21. September 2010

The surge in defense spending

Independent Institute
by Winslow T. Wheeler


According to the analysis of the Project on Defense Alternatives, between 1998 and 2010 Congress appropriated to the Pentagon $2.144 Trillion (with a ‘T’) more than was anticipated by the 1999 ‘baseline.’ Of that amount, $1.113 Trillion was spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $1.031 Trillion was added to ‘base’ (non-war) Pentagon spending. … What did you get for that extra $1 Trillion? Basically, you got a smaller Navy and Air Force and a tiny increase in the size of the Army. As an extra bonus, the hardware those forces use are now older than they were in the Clinton administration in 1998...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Die Unglücks-Quelle im Golf von Mexiko ist geschlossen, jetzt kommt das lange NachspielÖlpest

War Is Murder

The New Soviet Union Is America

The Politics of Resentment

Is the US Stimulating Nuclear War?

Support Your Local Army of Occupation


Imperialism and Imperial Barbarism

By James Petras

The overall picture is grim for the future of militarist imperialism. In Latin America, Africa and especially Asia, China has displaced the US as the principal trading partner in Brazil, South Africa and Southeast Asia. In contrast the US wallows in unwinable ideological wars in marginal countries like Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan.


“War is hell”

The Libertarian Enterprise
by AX Perez


Originally said by William T. Sherman, it echoes Robert E. Lee’s ‘It is good that war is so terrible lest we grow too fond of it.’ Both men made it clear war is terrible and something to be avoided, a point too many political leaders and persons seeking office seem to miss...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Interview With Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Maya Schenwar, Truthout: "Almost nine years into the longest war in US history, at a time when the US spends more on its military budget than the rest of the world combined and endless war seems a frighteningly realistic possibility, I spoke with Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), a long-time advocate for peace. Kucinich reminds us that there is another way: that through unity, persistence and a deeply necessary change in mindset, we can move toward a world in which mutual respect and global connections shape foreign policy, and the self-fulfilling prophecy of war loses its tragic momentum. He challenges us to imagine a world in which 'peace is inevitable.'"

ACLU in Court in Challenge to Secrecy Provisions of Contractor Fraud Law

Bradley Manning: An American Hero

Monday, 20. September 2010

We Can't Afford This Government

Fractional Reserve Banking

They're Bleeding Us Dry

The Establishment Is Now Concerned About the Deficit

Private Investment and Government Power in the Present Crisis

The $6 Trillion 401K Grab

The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis

4 More banks close as U.S. bank failures reaches 124 this year

Three bank failures in Georgia and one in Ohio has brought 2010's tally to 124, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Friday...

Americans' Net Worth Falls Along With Stocks

U.S. households saw their wealth decline in the second quarter despite their efforts to save more money, underscoring the economy's struggle to recover from the recession.

Record number of US homes seized by banks

More US homes were repossessed by banks in August-more than 95,000-than in any other month in history, according to, a real estate marketplace. The company expects 1.2 million bank repossessions this year, a level 12 times higher than in 2005, when there were only 100,000.

Wall Street Banks Committing Widespread Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

A Florida state-court judge, in a rare ruling, said a major national bank perpetrated a "fraud" in a foreclosure lawsuit, raising questions about how banks are attempting to claim homes from borrowers in default.

The housing recession isn't over

The spate of foreclosures is particularly problematic since it continues to add to the housing glut. And until the number of homes on the market comes down, it's tough to imagine how sales and prices will improve all that dramatically.

From Information Clearing House


The Role of Government and The Foreclosure Crisis

Dean Baker, Truthout: "The basic story of the foreclosure crisis is that banks made trillions of dollars of bad mortgage loans that were used to buy or refinance houses at bubble-inflated prices. With the collapse of the housing bubble, more than a fifth of all mortgages are underwater. As a result, many homeowners are struggling to pay mortgages on houses in which they have no equity and have no real prospect of ever getting equity. This is where the two competing views of government come in. If the market is allowed to run its course, millions of homeowners will default on mortgages, leaving banks and investors with large losses."

It's time to talk honestly about collapse

"In the Face of This Truth"

It's time to talk honestly about collapse-no matter how others may respond. We live in the midst of multiple crises­-economic and political, cultural and ecological-posing a significant threat to human existence at the level we have become accustomed to.

From Information Clearing House

Farmers' apocalypse: the globalisation of food supply

Last week the US-based Monsanto secured a 20 per cent minority interest in Western Australia's InterGrain and launched an advocacy and "education" campaign to promote the benefits of genetic modification to consumers.

From Information Clearing House

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