Monday, 30. August 2010

U.S. Government Prepares for 'Crisis'

By Jeff Nielson

The Obama regime has to "go big, or go home." It must either engage in massive (genuine) stimulus of the U.S. economy -- meaning a multi-trillion dollar commitment, or simply allow the collapse to proceed (and feed upon itself).

And Now We're Headed For The GREATEST Depression, Says Gerald Celente

Celente says the country is headed for rising unemployment, poverty, and violent class warfare as the government efforts to keep the economy going begin to fail.

Top economists: The second Great Depression has arrived

As long as two years ago, one of Britain's top economists predicted a decade-long depression, $45 trillion in debt defaults and unemployment in the US and UK approaching 25% or higher.

From Information Clearing House

The Backward Slide into Recession

By Mike Whitney

The US is now facing a protracted period of high unemployment and subpar economic performance punctuated by infrequent stock market rallies and predictable bursts of optimism. The recovery is over.

To Tackle Domestic Terrorism, End Foreign Wars

By Haroon Siddiqui

Stop being in denial that there is no connection between the wars we wage and the terrorist mayhem that they trigger, there and here.

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Pratiques de Santé Pratique de Décharge = Sommeil Retrouvé ! (activation nouvelle unité)

Antikriegstag am 1. September 2010

Aufruf zum Antikriegstag: Nie wieder Krieg ! Nie wieder Faschismus! Keine Auslandseinsätze!

„Die Menschen in Afghanistan erfahren das jeden Tag. Der dortige Krieg ist mit militärischen Mitteln nicht zu gewinnen. Lange geheim gehaltene Papiere belegen, wie schmutzig er ist und wie viele zivile Opfer er bereits gefordert hat. Die schlimmsten Befürchtungen wurden übertroffen.
(…) Wir fordern Regierung und Parteien auf, den Umbau der Bundeswehr zur weltweit aktiven Interventionsarmee zu stoppen und an der Wehrpflicht festzuhalten. Sie ist die Voraussetzung dafür, dass das Leitbild des „Staatsbürgers in Uniform“ erhalten werden kann. Eine faktische Abschaffung der Wehrpflicht ohne breite gesellschaftliche Debatte lehnen wir entschieden ab…“ Der Aufruf des DGB zum Antikriegstag vom 24.08.2010

Raus aus Afghanistan - Kriegsdrohungen gegen Iran stoppen - Bundeswehr darf nicht zur Interventionsarmee werden

„Friedensbewegung und Gewerkschaften gemeinsam; Zahlreiche Aktionen im ganzen Land; Gegen Afghanistan-Krieg und Bundeswehrreform; Nazi-Aufmarsch verhindern!...“ Pressemitteilung des Bundesausschusses Friedensratschlag zum Antikriegstag 2010

ver.di-Archiv informiert / Frank Bsirske am 1. September in Mannheim

Das ver.di-Archiv hat die Geschichte des Antikriegstages aufbereitet. Außerdem gibt es einen aktuellen Überblick über bundesweite Veranstaltungen. Zum Beispiel den Antikriegstag in Mannheim – mit dem ver.di-Vorsitzenden Frank Bsirske. Er wird dort am 1. September um 18 Uhr sprechen: Im Gewerkschaftshaus Mannheim, Otto-Brenner-Saal, Hans-Böckler-Str. 1 (Eingang Neckarseite). Weitere Informationen auf den Seiten des ver.di-Archives

Aus: LabourNet, 30. August 2010

Glenn Beck, no civil rights icon

The Nation
by John Nichols


My gripe with Glenn Beck has always been with his absurd attempt to claim a connection to Tom Paine. As long as rightwingers remain the loudest voices talking about race, they’ll continue to dominate the conversation. The furiously self-promotional Fox personality wrote a book last year that he suggested was a contemporary update of Paine’s pamphlet ‘Common Sense.’ In fact, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense was short on Paine and long on Beck. And it failed to note the founder’s canon of criticism of organized religion, concentrated wealth and know-nothing opponents of government. But, as silly as Beck’s attempt to claim Paine might have been, his attempt to associate himself with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a radical critic of not just racism but of an economic system left tens of millions in poverty, would be comic if it was not so sad...

White fright

by Christopher Hitchens


In a rather curious and confused way, some white people are starting almost to think like a minority, even like a persecuted one. What does it take to believe that Christianity is an endangered religion in America or that the name of Jesus is insufficiently spoken or appreciated? Who wakes up believing that there is no appreciation for our veterans and our armed forces and that without a noisy speech from Sarah Palin, their sacrifice would be scorned? It’s not unfair to say that such grievances are purely and simply imaginary, which in turn leads one to ask what the real ones can be. The clue, surely, is furnished by the remainder of the speeches, which deny racial feeling so monotonously and vehemently as to draw attention...

They’re with Stupid

The American Prospect
by Paul Waldman


Last month, Sarah Palin added to her growing body of fascinating public utterances by pleading with Muslims to ‘refudiate’ the Islamic center planned for near Ground Zero in New York. Eventually, the Weekly Standard, one of the chief organs of the intellectual right, began selling T-shirts and bumper stickers saying ‘Refudiate Obama’ and ‘Refudiate socialism.’ We probably shouldn’t make too much of this — they’re just having a bit of fun, after all. But embracing Palin in all her nincompoopery must, in the words of the former Alaska governor herself, ’stab hearts’ — at least some of them — at a magazine that is supposed to have some sort of commitment to ideas...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Glenn Beck, What's the Point?

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: "In promoting this rally, Beck stated, 'Great achievements in history start with one great idea, one great person.' What was the great idea? Gather a group of people together to play upon their fears; continue to disseminate lies and misinformation, and drive a larger political wedge between individuals based upon contrived ideological foolishness? That does not a great person make. On the 47th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and the Rev. Dr. King's famous speech, we should pay him tribute. He was a true American hero. Beck, Palin and those such as Representative Boehner (R-Ohio), Senator McConnell (R-Kentucky), and other Republicans who support them with their silence should be judged not 'by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.'"


Glenn Beck’s Redemption Song

You call this a “recovery?”

Fox News Forum
by John Lott


So this is the economic growth that by far the largest Keynesian stimulus in American history produces? President Obama’s $814 billion in stimulus, a more than $1.3 trillion annual deficit for the second year in a row, has produced what the administration has declared is the long awaited ‘Summer of Recovery.’ Last fall the economy grew at a reasonable 5 percent annual rate, though even that was not particularly fast for a ‘recovery.’ Yet, it has dropped since then: during January through March, the growth rate dropped to 3.7 percent and April through June, 1.6 percent. … Since April, the Bureau of Labor Statistics Household Survey has shown that 1.7 million Americans have left the labor force and simply given up looking for work. The total number of people employed has dropped by nearly half a million...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The true cost of war is more than a trillion dollars

Liberty For All
by Wrights 2012 staff


The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has surpassed one trillion dollars, according to the Congressional Budget Office. While this figure is staggering, a Libertarian presidential hopeful said that the real cost of these conflicts to our economy and our liberty is even more staggering. ‘One trillion dollars is an almost incomprehensible number, but what is even more incomprehensible is the fact that most of that cost is borrowed money,’ said R. Lee Wrights, former Libertarian Party national vice chair and the editor and co-founder of Liberty for All online magazine...

Most Americans just don’t get it

A Passion for Liberty
by Tibor R. Machan


It bothers me to no end that millions of Americans simply don’t get just how dangerous this current administration’s views are, especially about the nature of our basic rights. I suppose I should not be surprised, given the utterly perverted primary and secondary education most people receive now in their government run schools. After all, those very schools and everyone with a job in the system, depend upon the flat out rejection of the idea of our basic, natural rights spelled out in the Declaration of Independence...

Why people believe government is here to help us

Strike the Root
by Paul Bonneau


The tenacity of the meme, that government is here to help us and protect us, is hard to understand. All evidence throughout history points in the opposite direction — that government is here to prey on us, and that if there is anything we need protection from, it is our own governments. Why do people cling to this harmful meme?

What you’re not supposed to know about war

Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo


It is a testament to the power of government propaganda that several generations of self-described conservatives have held as their core belief that war and militarism are consistent with limited, constitutional government. These conservatives think they are ‘defending freedom’ by supporting every military adventure that the state concocts. They are not...

It’s fine for police to kill people, so long as there’s no “ill will”

Las Vegas Review-Journal
by Vin Suprynowicz


Do we live in a free country or a police state? In a free country, police live under and must obey the same laws as the rest of us. In a police state, government police enjoy special laws and protections that allow them to do things that would be considered crimes if done by the rest of us...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The True Cost of the War

Deutschlands politische Klasse ist am Ende

Unter Deutschlands Politikern denkt kaum einer weiter als bis zum Ende der nächsten Legislatur.

Kinder, Hilfe und Lobbyarbeit

Die "Deutsche Kinderhilfe" konzentriert sich seit Beginn des Jahres auf die Lobby- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, statt mehr Geld in konkrete Projekte zu investieren.

Deutschlands politische Klasse ist am Ende

Unter Deutschlands Politikern denkt kaum einer weiter als bis zum Ende der nächsten Legislatur.

Sarrazin bedient krude Rassenlehre

Mag sein, dass Sarrazin und Co. den Finger auf eine Wunde legen, aber sie schaffen selbst eine neu-alte Wunde, den Rassismus und den suizidalen kulturellen Stillstand.

Sozialdarwinismus wird hoffähig

Die Präsentation von "Deutschland schafft sich ab" trifft auf Protest.

Rechte Amerikaner wollen Gottesstaat

An der vom Fernsehmoderator Beck organisierten Kundgebung in Washington, die zur Wiederherstellung der Ehre, der Hinwendung zu Gott und dem Lob des Militärs aufrief, nahmen überraschend viele Menschen teil.

The Elites Have Lost the Right to Rule

Ron Paul Calls for Audit of U.S. Gold Reserves

Who is watching you? Spy satellite use in the U.S.

Video report!

Inside Top Secret America

A major investigation reveals the extent of America's vast and heavily privatized military-corporate-intelligence establishment.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. wasted billions in rebuilding Iraq

A $40 million prison sits in the desert north of Baghdad, empty. A $165 million children's hospital goes unused in the south. A $100 million waste water treatment system in Fallujah has cost three times more than projected, yet sewage still runs through the streets.

Adm. Mike Mullen: 'National Debt Is Our Biggest Security Threat'

America's highest-ranking military official thinks the U.S. has bigger security problems than al-Qaeda, suicide bombers and an increasingly deadly nine-year war.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. military involvement may worsen situation in Yemen

The U.S. open involvement is also causing embarrassment for Yemeni authorities, who have insisted Yemeni military forces alone are responsible for anti-terror operations in the country and that the U.S. military's job is limited to intelligence and training.

Pentagon Bulks Up Yemen's Arsenal as Shadow War Grows

U.S. Central Command is pondering a $1.2 billion military-assistance package to Yemen covering the next five years. Just five years ago, the Defense Department dispensed less than $5 million to the benighted country on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula.

From Information Clearing House

Afghan president condemns CIA payment reports

"We strongly condemn such irresponsible allegations which just create doubt and defame responsible people of this country," it said.

From Information Clearing House

Afghans protest killing of civilians

Over 500 protesters condemned the killing of two Afghan civilians by mercenaries in the region, a Press TV correspondent reported on Saturday.

From Information Clearing House


ABC Australia Video Documentary

This is the story of the greatest financial crisis we will ever see... The one that is on the way.

Make Sure the Bunker is Well Stocked

By Mike Whitney

No one wants to fix the problem, because then the big players would lose boatloads of money. So the vehicle continues to speed faster and faster down the mountain veering wildly from one side of the road to the other. How long before it jumps the guardrail and plunges to the bottom of the canyon? Stay tuned....

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