Spinning out of control

by Marc W. Herold


A growing disconnect exists between the daily reality of war experienced by the common Afghan and how this war is represented to the American general public by the corporate media, many non-governmental organizations favoring 'humanitarian interventions' around the globe (e.g., Human Rights Watch), and the U.S. military and its defense minions. The war in Afghanistan -- as most other wars beginning with Vietnam -- is waged both on the ground there and in the living rooms here. The recent midnight assault upon the small village of Hajiyan (also called Alizi) along the Arghandab River in Panjwayi District of Kandahar Province provides a case study to explore this disconnect. No doubt many similar cases exist, but the U.S. military media strategy to contain, isolate and stonewall succeeded there. A very graphic way -- a picture is worth a thousand words -- is simply to contrast photos of how the U.S. military is portrayed with Afghan children...


Memo to the victims: You yourself will pay for the crimes of the ruling class

The Power of Narrative
by Arthur Silber


One aspect of the profoundly evil system that has been destroying us for over a hundred years — and make no mistake, it is deeply evil in design, intent and effect, if by evil we designate those actions which destroy the very possibility of thriving life — is especially awful. The authoritarian-corporatist-militarist system victimizes untold millions of individual human beings, as well as many other forms of life as we see again today, both here and abroad. That would be a momentous evil in itself, but this particular evil is unsatisfied with only this first form of destruction. Thus, the victims are targeted a second time, and they are forced to become collaborators in their own destruction...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


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