The Unknown Afghan Body Count

By James Denselow

The precise compilation of western casualties contrasts with almost criminal neglect in tracking the numbers of Afghan civilians killed since 2001. If Afghanistan is the "good war" then why are we not demanding to be accurately told how many skeletons there are in the Afghan closet?

NATO occupation forces admits killing two civilians in Kandahar

NATO officials in southern Afghanistan are admitting that two civilians, including a woman, were accidentally killed in a military operation Friday night.

The Charge of the Media Brigade

By John Pilger

The Associated Press, says the Pentagon, spends $4.7 billion on public relations: that is, winning the hearts and minds not of recalcitrant Afghan tribesmen but of Americans. This is known as "information dominance," and PR people are "information warriors."

Bipartisan Stupidity on Afghanistan

By Ted Rall

Even taking historical precedent into account, America's post-9/11 occupation of Afghanistan--its longest war ever--has been notably disastrous. Wonder why? Everything you need to know was contained in this week's war of words between the chairmen of the two major political parties.

NATO Blames Miscommunication For 6 Afghan Deaths

A NATO helicopter patrol mistook the Afghan soldiers for insurgents planting landmines in the eastern Ghazni province. Headquarters cleared the crew to open fire based on inaccurate information about the location of Afghan troops in the area. NATO officials have apologized for the deaths.
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US military build-up in Kandahar will bolster Taliban, warns security monitor

Nato's counterinsurgency tactic shows no signs of success, says Afghanistan NGO Security Office.

US military build-up in Kandahar will bolster Taliban, warns security monitor

Nato's counterinsurgency tactic shows no signs of success, says Afghanistan NGO Security Office.

From Information Clearing House


U.S. Casualties to Mount as Afghan War Widens, General Says

On Afghanistan, the DNC Does Not Speak for Me


Civilian deaths and vengeance in Afghanistan

Mind Hacks
by staff

Wired’s Danger Room reports on a new study finding that civilian causalities in Afghanistan lead to anti-coalition feelings and an increase in insurgent attacks. Although this would seem to be blindly obvious, the study adds some morbid detail to the picture and provides evidence for some in the US military who had suggested no such link existed. The study was completed by four economists and it reports its uncomfortable results in stark statistical terms. Interestingly, not all civilian casualties are created equal in terms of their backlash...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

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