Newt Gingrich Suggests Attacking Rest Of 'Axis Of Evil'

By Jeremy Binckes

Former Speaker of the House twice called on the United States to attack North Korea and Iran because the United States has only attacked "one out of three" of so-called Axis of Evil" members by invading Iraq. He also claimed that Muslims are trying to install Sharia law on America and said that the "War on Terror" should have been a war on "radical Islamists" instead.

Exporting Death And Destruction

Obama Seeks to Expand Arms Exports

By Maggie Bridgeman

The United States is currently the world biggest weapons supplier - holding 30 per cent of the market - but the Obama administration has begun modifying export control regulations in hopes of enlarging the U.S. market share, according to U.S. officials.

Trends to Barbarism and Prospects for Socialism

By James Petras

Western societies and states are moving inexorably toward conditions resembling barbarism; structural changes are reversing decades of social welfare and subjecting labor, natural resources and the wealth of nations to raw exploitation, pillage and plunder, driving living standards downward and provoking unprecedented levels of discontent.


Newt Gingrich: A menace to society?

by Kelley B. Vlahos


While it sounds farcical, Gingrich’s usual demagoguery and naked opportunism has taken on an even more cynical and pernicious tone this time around. While it’s obvious it’s All About Newt and his lusting after the kind of pied piper eminence he enjoyed and squandered 20 years ago, his latest machinations — predicting an Islamist invasion and tyranny on par with 18th-century colonial oppression under King George III — plays on the darkest impulses coursing through the country today: fear, prejudice, xenophobia, and rage. As selfish as it is reckless, he had better be careful what he wishes for...

I guess it’s the singer, not the song

The Libertarian Standard
by William N. Grigg


[Newt] Gingrich may be history’s purest specimen of cynical political opportunism. As a recent Esquire profile makes clear, he doesn’t really believe in anything, other than his qualifications to tutor the rest of us. Like Lenin, Gingrich is adept at identifying and exploiting grievances — or creating them ex nihilo. He is many loathsome things, but ’stupid’ isn’t in that inventory. Gingrich knows that he’s spewing unfiltered nonsense about the ‘mosque at Ground Zero,’ and that he’s engendering hatred toward a moderate, establishment-centered Muslim cleric whose ‘radical’ views aren’t that different from his own...

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


The Grinch Who Stole Conservatism

by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Here's what Gingrich is looking at: he wants to see if the GOP makes significant gains in both houses of Congress in the November elections. If the GOP wins one house (especially if enough real conservatives win), I predict Gingrich will enter the race. So he can ride a conservative wave into the White House in 2012? No! So he can derail any potential conservative momentum that the Tea Parties might be able to create in this year's November elections. You see, Newt Gingrich is the Grinch Who Stole Conservatism from the GOP.........

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